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A Student’s Guide To The ‘HLTWHS002 Follow Safe Work Practices’ Unit

UserMichelle Nelson time14 September,2023

HLTWHS002 Follow Safe Work Practices For Direct Client Care is a course unit that defines the skills and knowledge necessary for workers to engage in safe work practices and protect their health & safety as well as their colleagues & co-workers. The unit also covers concepts and materials involving clients’ safety in a work environment.

A Quick Overview

The overall focus is on maintaining the safety of a worker and everybody associated with him in a workplace, including community members. The contents of this unit are central to three workplace safety & health-related training packages, namely:

  • CHC: Community ServicesCUA: Creative Arts and Culture Training Package
  • HLT: Health

The unit is also included in several qualifications, skill sets, and accredited courses. Major courses and certifications with this unit are:

  • Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33021)
  • Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport (HLT31120)
  • Certificate IV in Ageing Support (CHC43015)
  • Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (HLT43015)
  • Certificate IV in Disability (CHC43115)
  • Diploma of Emergency Health Care (HLT51020)
  • Diploma of Nursing (HLT51021)

As may be The unit imparts crucial education to any worker who needs the skills and knowledge vital for maintaining workplace health & safety in any setting. All the skills in this unit are in accordance with the Commonwealth and state/Territory legislation in Australia and New Zealand, as well as applicable standards and industry codes of practice.

Let’s take a look at the constituent elements of the unit as well as the performance criteria.

Unit Elements & Associated Criteria

Following are the essential outcomes and their corresponding performance criteria:

  1. Follow necessary safety precautions and safe work practices for direct client care
  • Students will learn and implement workplace policies & procedures for safe operations & work practices.
  • They will be taught to identify any existing and potential hazards & dangers in a workplace & report them to applicable/designated authorities. Students must also learn how to record crucial information per workplace procedures.
  • The unit teaches pupils to be mindful and adhere to workplace safety procedures to minimise risk.
  • The unit imparts knowledge that enables students to identify & report incidents and injuries to concerned authorities per workplace procedures.
  1. Follow safe work practices necessary for manual handling.
  • Unit subjects teach learners to follow applicable procedures and work instructions for minimising workplace risk.
  • The unit is also concerned with identifying any hazards associated with manual handling and reporting any dangers/incidents according to workplace regulations.
  • Students will learn to apply workplace-specific control procedures for minimising, controlling, and managing manual handling risks.
  1. Follow safety work practices in infection control situations.
  • Students will learn to follow standard practices and adopt preventive measures to prevent infection.
  • They are taught to identify any situation where additional infection control measures may be necessary.
  • Learners will be guided in recognising potential risks of further infection spreading & how to report them to concerned authorities.
  1. Work towards and contribute to safety at the workplace.
  • Students will be taught to detect, identify, and raise concerns about workplace health & safety issues with authorities & designated persons as per rules & regulations.
  • They are also trained on how to participate and contribute to meetings on workplace health & safety. Additionally, they are taught how to partake in safety inspections and consulting activities.
  • The unit imparts the skills and knowledge vital to developing & implementing safety regulations, workplace policies, and relevant procedures.
  1. Learn how to reflect and look back at your own work behaviour & work practices.
  • The final element of the unit shows learners how to reflect upon their workplace behaviour and actions. It shows students how to maintain work safety, use equipment safely, and partake in work-related processes carefully.
  • They are taught how to monitor stress & fatigue levels and report unfavourable physical conditions to authorities without repercussions.
  • Finally, students are also taught how to participate in workplace debriefings and contribute to changes in safety regulations.

Certain foundational skills are crucial for completing this unit successfully. They are language, literacy, numeracy, and employment skills, each essential to a learner’s performance. Well-defined and developed reading skills are also essential for learners to interpret workplace safety policies, understand safety signs, identify hazardous materials & potentially dangerous situations, and make sense of safety instructions.

Now, let’s look at how it requires students to showcase their knowledge & performance.

Performance & Knowledge Evidence for HLTWHS002

As a learner or candidate, you must showcase your ability, meet applicable performance criteria, and present evidence of the skills & knowledge you acquired through the unit. They will have to show that they can take part in & manage tasks and contingencies in any job or applicational context.

The HLTWHS002 course also requires every learner to demonstrate their ability to complete workplace health & safety-related tasks according to applicable procedures.

They need to present evidence of their ability to do the following:

  • Contributed to the development of workplace health and safety (WHS) policies
  • Played a significant role in WHS inspection and/or meetings
  • Conducted successful workplace risk assessment and recorded results accordingly
  • Have applied necessary workplace safety procedures and rules in their daily workplace activities as defined by their job role & scope. Relevant scenarios and activities include

infection control, manual handling of & working with hazardous materials, etc.

  • Used personal protective equipment effectively, as well as guided others in using them
  • Reported incidents related to workplace safety and health hazards
  • Followed applicable workplace procedures properly in at least one simulated or real emergency scenario
  • In addition to the above, candidates need to be able to present evidence of acquired skills & knowledge.
    • Students must showcase their ideas about varied state/territory legislations related to workplace health & safety.
    • Assignments and assessments will test their knowledge of how government legislations affect workplace legislations, codes of practice, standard industry standards, the rights & responsibilities of workers & their duty of care, and the like.
    • Learners must show their knowledge and interpretation of safety standards, signs, symbols, meanings, purposes, etc.
  • They must also present evidence of their ability to use PPE kits, emergency tools & equipment, hazardous chemicals & poisons, and identify other hazards such as radiation, electrical, moving machinery, sharp objects, unstable surfaces, falls, etc.

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