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HR Dissertation Topics

The field of human resources has emerged as rewarding for students who have chosen to pursue this discipline. However, to reap the rewards the field has to offer, students have to be consistent with their grades. This means that they have to present flawlessly written papers in class. Now, if you’re having a hard time presenting your papers, getting the necessary guidance from for your HR dissertation topics is a wise choice.

We will provide you with guidance on how you can brilliantly draft papers on different HR dissertation ideas. Not only that, hiring our tutors will allow you to explore the different HR dissertation examples and samples. Now read on to know how our tutors guide on the different HR dissertation topics.

Organisational Culture HR Dissertation Topics

Organisational culture, also recognised as an organisational climate, is defined as the process by which the culture of an organisation can be quantified. If you feel confused about which HR dissertation topics to choose, here are some HRM dissertation topics to consider in organisational culture.

  1. The impact of organisational culture on the implementation of succession planning
  2. The connection between organisational culture and the practice of program evaluation in human service organisations
  3. Elaborate on the effect that organisational culture and structures have on knowledge management endeavours.
  4. What is the impact of the six sigma methodology on the organisational culture?
  5. Determining the impact of organisational culture on job satisfaction
  6. The role of organisational culture on employee engagement
  7. Are leadership and organisational culture related? Justify your answers with proper evidence.

You can also check the HRM dissertation examples on similar topics from our repository for free.

Strategic HR Management Dissertation Ideas

Strategic human resource management merges the human resource management objective to the organisation’s goals and objectives. If you’re in need of some ideas on human resources dissertation topics in this specific area, feel free to read through.

  1. Elaborate on the importance of strategic human resource management within an organisation.
  2. Present a detailed insight into the connection between business strategy and strategic HRM.
  3. Elucidate on the association of strategic HRM with a growth mindset framework.
  4. Elaborate on the barriers of strategic HRM with pertinent examples.
  5. The role of strategic HRM in change management
  6. Elaborate on the competitive advantages of strategic HRM.
  7. Discuss the importance of retention and onboarding as part of the strategic HRM.

Our team of experts is always ready to guide you with strategic human resource management dissertation topics as per your requirements.

Risk Management HR Dissertation Topics And Examples

Risk management is a prominent aspect of HRM that you have to learn in order to produce a flawless dissertation. Now, if you need guidance with HR dissertation ideas on risk management, then go through the following examples. 

  1. The impact of rapidly advancing information technology on industrial risk management, with particular emphasis on the telecom industry
  2. Share valuable insights on the contribution of an HR manager in the process of risk management.
  3. The relationship between risk management and people management
  4. Does human resource risk management increase productivity?
  5. Risk management and human resources – an ideal match? Justify your answer.
  6. Data protection as part of risk management in human resources.

Again, if you have difficulty understanding how to approach one of such human resource dissertation topics, you can check out our HRM masters dissertation examples from our website for free.

Employee Relations HR Dissertation Ideas

Managing employee relations is one of the most vital responsibilities of HR. So, if you are looking for suitable topics on employee relations, then you can check out these HR dissertation topic examples.

  1. A precise evaluation of the impact of globalisation on employment relations policy. A comparison of two emerging economies.
  2. The influence of employee engagement on consumer loyalty in the service-based industry
  3. Present a thorough analysis of the factors which directly influence employee's personal decisions to leave employment
  4. The importance of digital presence to improve employee relations.
  5. Do better employee relations begin with learning and development?
  6. Present a critical overview of the classification of labour disputes and resolution procedures. Offer a comparative study of the United States and Germany.
  7. Evaluate the concept of workplace flexibility and how it affects employee and organisational performance.

If you need help with such employee engagement dissertation topics, don’t hesitate to seek our expert guidance.

Training & Development HR Management Dissertation Topics

The training activities help in evaluating an employee, depending on his/her existing job responsibilities. If you need some inspiration for HR dissertation topics on training and development, then these examples may be useful.

  1. Establish the connection between organisational learning and individual learning
  2. An assessment of organisational learning and knowledge management for sustained organisational performance. Prepare a case study along with your paper.
  3. Does a lack of learning and development play a role in an employee's decision to quit?
  4. An analysis of the process of learning and development of human resources in the public sector in the UK
  5. Describe how the effect of various training and learning-based activities on the productivity of the employees.
  6. The significance of appreciative inquiry with respect to organisational learning and development culture. Prepare a case study along with your arguments.
  7. Elaborate on the relationship between organisation competency development and learning activities.

For more such suggestions on dissertations topics for MBA HR students, students can check out our sample section. They can find several well-crafted HRM masters dissertation examples on a variety of interesting topics.

Employee Motivation HR Dissertation Topics

It’s imperative for HR leaders to understand that employees of every organisation need reasons to remain focused at work. If you’re looking for human resources dissertation topics on employee motivation, then check out these examples below.

  1. Are the motivation to work and employee satisfaction related to one another? Present your argument.
  2. Define the role of employee motivation in relation to the retention levels.
  3. Does motivation have a role in lowering employee turnovers? Provide a case study of British Airways.
  4. An analysis elucidating on the most vital motivation factors for future business leaders
  5. An insight into the motivation among workers in large and diversified business organisations
  6. The importance of a positive work environment in employee motivation
  7. Employee motivation can lead to creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Get unmatched writing guidance on any dissertation topics in human resource management from the qualified experts at

Performance Management HRM Dissertation

This is again an important topic that students should master in order to produce impeccable dissertation papers. Leaf through these HR dissertation ideas on performance management.

  1. Elaborate on the essential elements of the performance management framework.
  2. The efficiency of performance management systems in the UK's retail industry
  3. The importance of performance management techniques to retain employees.
  4. Human resource management practices and business performance – The significance of environmental uncertainties and strategies.
  5. Present a qualitative study on Employee performance and performance management systems.
  6. The importance of implementing continuous performance management software in organisations.
  7. The significance of performance management activities in improving employees’ skills and abilities.

For more performance management dissertation topics, get in touch with our team of experts.

Appraisal HRM Dissertation Example

Performance review and an appraisal are other crucial responsibilities that every student of HRM has to know about. The following are some HR dissertation topics that they can work with.

  1. Analysing the connection between public sector appraisals and the spinal pay reward.
  2. The significance of HR Performance Review in boosting employee retention and productivity.
  3. Explore the connection between Job satisfaction and performance appraisals through proper evidence.
  4. Evaluating the performance review and appraisal methods adopted by the human resource department of any renowned oil and gas company
  5. Can HR Performance review methods improve employee engagement? Elaborate with special reference to the Banking Industry.
  6. Effective performance appraisal – an in-depth analysis to develop a correlation between employer satisfaction and optimising business results
  7. The importance of fairness and satisfaction in the process of employee performance appraisal. Present a detailed case study along with your argument.

You can take inspiration from these HR topics for your dissertation and present an impressive paper in the class.

Human Resource Theory Dissertation Topics

If you don’t have a complete understanding of human resource theories, then you may have trouble putting together a dissertation paper. In this case, the HR dissertation examples mentioned below will help.

  1. Present a comparative analysis of various human resources theory approaches with adequate evidence.
  2. An in-depth study of human resources systems practised by Multinational organisations in any of the developed countries.
  3. Elucidate on the role of HR as a shared service. Provide proper examples.
  4. The ethics of terminating the employees – Do organisations really follow it? Present your argument appropriately.
  5. Elaborate on the contribution of human resources to the success of organisations.
  6. Elucidate on the most predominant HRM and control strategies adopted by business organisations
  7. Can HRM have a negative impact on the performance of business organisations? Present a qualitative study with appropriate examples.

For further assistance with HRM dissertation topics, seek tutoring services from our website.

Seek Guidance On Diverse HR Dissertation Topics

Make The Most Of Our Incredible Features

When you come to our site for assistance on your HR dissertation topics, our excellent features will make your association with us absolutely memorable. Our features have been widely recognised for offering complete convenience and satisfaction to over 300,000 students worldwide. That way, you can be sure that our features will never let you down.

Here are some of the features you’ll find interesting when you seek our help with your human resources dissertation topics.

  • Complete confidentiality of personal information
  • Well-written sample papers on different HR dissertation topics for free
  • Fast turnaround of tutoring support every single time
  • Secured payment gateway
  • Amazing deals and discounts
  • Advanced infrastructures like word counter tool or paraphrasing tool
  • Brilliant referral program
  • Ease of navigating through the site

All of these features have made it incredibly simple for students to hire our tutors when they need help with HR dissertation topics. These features are designed to provide you with complete convenience as you witness your human resource dissertation ideas come to life with the help of our tutors. This way, you won’t have to settle for mediocre grades in class ever again.

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

Q.1. What Are The Latest Dissertation Topics In Human Resources?

Ans: If you are struggling to come up with interesting topic ideas for your dissertation on Human resources, these topics can give you a head start:

  • How can an organisation survive an economic crisis?
  • Is it possible to improve the poor selection process through training and development?
  • 360-degree appraisals: An Overview
  • What are the ways in which HR can work as a motivator?

Q.2. What Are The HR Topics For An MBA Project Work? 

Ans: Here are some great suggestions from experts. These current and updated topics will fetch you the highest scores in your MBA project on Human resources.

  • Raise awareness on effective utilisation of ESI benefits
  • A study on employees perception about HR practices in an organisation
  • A brief study of the Scientific Screening process in a Recruitment Consulting Firm
  • A detailed analysis of the reward and promotion policy of an organisation
  • Women at the workplace: A survey on mobility and salary scheme
  • Strategic reward system: A Brief Analysis

Q.3. How Do You Write A Good HR Dissertation? 

Ans: You must figure out a relevant topic and conduct extensive research to jot down the essential points. Besides that, you must make sure to follow these guidelines meticulously to score an A+ in your HR dissertation.

  • Provide the background information of research
  • Make sure your argument stays within the context of research.
  • Clarify the focus of your Hr dissertation
  • Point out the value of your HR research
  • Cite the sources in the proper format
  • Proofread the file to eliminate errors.

Q.4. What Is Your Dissertation HR Topic?

Ans: You must invest time in figuring out a relevant topic to prepare a stellar dissertation. In case you are stuck with writer's block, these topics can ease your worries.

  • How can you verify the welfare measures provided by a company with respect to job satisfaction?
  • A brief analysis of employees attitudes towards stress and absenteeism
  • A study on employee motivation
  • How can you increase the brand equity of a company
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