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Internet marketing (A Case study on Google)

Case Study Writing Help: The Successful Case Study Of Google Company

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A Complete Guide for Google Case Study Assignment

Whenever a Google case study is assigned, it generally involves Google's Corporate Governance, Google Company Workforce Diversity Policy, Google E-Business Model and Its Success Factors etc., as the central theme. But students dealing with internet marketing topics for the first time find it difficult to assess and analyse the problems specifically regarding Google case study or any other digital marketing-based case study assignments.

The difficulty is not in the topic per se but Google being such a huge organisation makes it hard for the students to deal with it. Therefore, to make the task simple and convenient for you, we bring you our service to offer solutions for digital marketing case study assignments.

In fact, our digital marketing experts will guide you on how to analyse Google's internet marketing strategy, which is also a significant part of preparing a Google case study.

Moreover, our digital marketing geeks can offer a 24x7 service whenever you need an update on the latest data for internet marketing research. So, along with the traditional case study writing guidance, you will also be benefited from one-to-one customised solutions for case study on e-marketing topics as well!

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How to Work on PESTLE and SWOT Analysis for Google Case Study?

Students with digital media as a background must know the nook and corner of digital marketing case study tools for assignments. One such analytical tool that goes without saying is the PESTLE & SWOT analysis for the Google case study.

Now, this is an elaborative process where you have to observe the internet marketing strategies of Google. Then, you have to figure out the internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats from the external environment.

To provide you with a glimpse of that, below is a precise PESTLE & SWOT analysis of Google offered by our internet marketing case study experts -

PESTLE Analysis

  • Political - Our experts guiding on Google case study states that there is widespread criticism that Google is a monopoly. This has led to antitrust action, particularly in Europe.
  • Economic - A large amount of money Google keeps overseas makes it very vulnerable to exchange rates and the currency market.
  • Social - A decline in the use of traditional laptop and desktop computers has distanced users from accessing Google frequently.
  • Legal - Google, through marketing via the internet, increasingly enters regulated fields such as finance, insurance, telecommunications and automobiles. This places severe restrictions on its operations.
  • Environmental - Google's business model heavily depends on data centres and other Internet infrastructure that use large amounts of electricity.

SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths - The previous reports of Google's case study have witnessed that Google has a global customer base covering various types of customers of varied ages, social and economic classes, as well as political and religious affiliations.
  • Weaknesses - The primary weakness is poor recruitment strategies. Google prefers to hire graduates from Stanford University, their alma mater.
  • Opportunities - Apart from its faster internet marketing approaches, Google can form partnerships with computer software developers like Microsoft to have their products integrated during production.
  • Threats - Google's inability to provide enough motivation to part-time employees who work on various projects.

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How to Format a Case Study Assignment Properly for Internet Marketing?

Often students wonder if writing an internet marketing case study is similar to just any other case study dissertation. Well, even if theoretically, the purpose is the same, while dealing with marketing case study topics in the field of digital marketing, your case study assignment should have a professional approach.

Even though all these may sound new, our experts at can make it easier by guiding you with the right format for your internet marketing case study. For starters, below is a format our experts have provided that you must follow -

  • Clear headline: Like a newspaper headline, the headline for your marketing case study topic should have the most important information. A subtitle with supporting details is optional.
  • Company/Client introduction: For any case study on e-marketing, add one or two sentences describing the customer and a highlight about them.
  • Problem: State the problem/goal, consequences, and any hesitations the company had. For example, in Google internet marketing, jot down the cons and previous issues Google had.
  • Solution: For any digital marketing case study assignment, an analysis is very important. What's more important is your take on the problem and how you will solve it.
  • Results: Describe the results of all the surveys and consumer responses you have gathered for the internet marketing case study.
  • Conclusion: In relation to your thesis statement, add your final take on the internet marketing case study you have done.

This is a basic sketch of how the format of a digital marketing case study assignment can be. Now, to know in detail about the 'dos' and 'don'ts' and other additional points, drop us a query. That's all!

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What are the Different Types of Case Studies?

Learn from Our Internet Marketing Research Experts

To attempt any case study dissertation, you must first know their types. We can enlighten you on that. has the best minds and resources to help students handle any type of case study, for example, Cumulative Case Study on Internet marketing research.

So, before jumping into confusion about which type of case study is assigned to you, here's a look into some of the common types of case studies for digital marketing case study assignments -

  • Illustrative case studies
  • Exploratory case studies
  • Cumulative case studies
  • Critical instance case studies
  • Investigative case studies

No doubt understanding the many kinds of case studies and how to approach each is crucial. This is why at, you can also avail free samples to get an idea of the types of case study and dissertation writing processes. In fact, all our samples are free and are prepared by our internet marketing experts themselves.

So, either you can call us & get a direct solution, or download the samples and enjoy self-learning!

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How Does Google Internet Marketing Work? Get Case Study Writing Assistance

Do you write an answer without reading the chapter? Definitely not, else your entire write-up will be a vague paragraph. The same goes for the Google case study. You must first know how Google internet marketing works.

So, here's a drill session that our experts have for you–Assume you are a professional at Google and assigned to a campaign in Google internet marketing. Now, let's carry this hypothetical situation and understand what you must do:

  • Determine the keywords you want to target first for Google internet marketing
  • You can use tools to locate keywords that are associated with your goods or services.
  • Aim for long-tail keywords when marketing through the This will bring more qualified traffic to your page. You can place a bid on the keywords of your choice in Google Ads.
  • Create some ads for Google internet marketing that target the initial set of keywords you selected. These advertisements must include the title and meta descriptions that will show up in search results, as well as the landing pages to which they will drive users.

You can get a more practical insight into the process of Google internet marketing. But for that, you have to meet our experts, who can turn digital marketing case study assignments into a fun activity!

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

Q. How to start a case study paper?

Ans: The best strategy for writing a case study is to adhere closely to your thesis' key argument. You are already aware that the introduction, literature review, procedure, discussion, and conclusion comprise a study's main body. Therefore, as per our experts, all that is left to do is concentrate on these components and learn how to make them excellent.

Q. What is the difference between a research paper and a case study?

Ans: Often students need clarification on a research paper and a case study. Hence, our experts have provided a precise differentiation. A research study tries to address a problem immediately. In contrast, a case study aims to provide an in-depth investigation of a scenario or case over a long period of time. This is the major distinction between action research and case studies.

Q. How to write a case study assignment?

Ans: For writing a case study assignment, below is a standard structure. You can no doubt add sub-points and chapters according to the length of your content.

  • Executive Summary/Synopsis
  • Introduction
  • Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendices

Q. What are the most important parts of a case study?

Ans: The important parts of a case study you can't skip are mentioned below -

  • Executive Summary
  • Background
  • Case Evaluation
  • Proposed Solutions
  • Implementation

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