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One tool for all quadratic calculations from high school to college levels

Quadratic Equation Solver

We have seen students struggle mostly with those assignments where they have to solve quadratic equation problems. However, there is an alternative method which can help you become quadratic equation solver overnight. has quadratic equation calculator which will help you calculate the equation in just a few minutes. Our fastest calculator can solve any quadratic equation.

How It Works?

Learn how to use our Super Easy Quadratic tool


Enter the quadratic equation

Enter the quadratic equation to be solved in the text box.


Check coefficients and operators

Check the coefficients and the operator signs between different terms.


Click the ‘Calculate It’ button

Click the Calculate button and get the value of the variable x in seconds.

Solve Quadratic Equation in Different Ways Using Our Calculator

Before you proceed with calculating the quadratic equation problem, determine what method you are supposed to be using. Based on the question, you will have to specify the method in the calculator. Our quadratic equation calculator is designed to use all types of quadratic equation methods.

Factoring method:

Choose our quadratic equation factorizer calculator to get a detailed step-by-step quadratic solution. This factor quadratic equation calculator is immensely popular among student as it helps in getting the quickest solution. Many students stated they received ‘A’ grades in their papers after using our quadratic equation factoring calculator.

Square root method:

If you are asked by your professor/teacher to use square root method for your quadratic equation, don’t worry as our tool can give you the most accurate answer in square root form, as well.

Completing the square method:

This method is used when you are asked “Solve by completing the square” in your question. Here our calculator will first convert the equation into the vertex form, then it would provide a detailed solution.

Quadratic formula:

Having a hard time finding the correct factors using quadratic formula method? You can rely on our calculator to get the most accurate and precise answer.

We have designed the quadratic equation calculator in a way that it can help you solve quadratic equations by using all methods. Solve the quadratic equation using our calculator to see the best result in your paper.

Benefits of Using Quadratic Equation Formula Calculator

Wondering if quadratic equation formula calculator is really useful? Find out how other students have been benefited from our calculator.

Top benefits that our students experienced from us:


One of the best reasons for using our quadratic equation solver is you can solve the equation in just a few seconds. Once you enter the value of ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’, the calculator will automatically come up with the perfect solution.

Accurate answer

The quadratic calculator will come up with the most accurate answer for you. You can find the discriminant of a quadratic equation using our calculator as well as roots of quadratic equation using our calculator.

Step-by-step explanation

Once you enter the input and press the ‘click it’ button, this calculator will provide you with a step-by-step explanation of the problem. Apart from getting the right answer, you will also get to learn how the equation is solved.

Absolutely free

Believe it or not, we offer our quadratic equation formula calculator at free of cost. We will not ask a penny from you. We understand how often you need to use this calculator, so it is really not possible to spend money each time you use a calculator.

Solve all types of quadratic equations

Our quadratic equation formula solver is designed to solve all types of quadratic equations. Be it standard form, factored form or vertex form, you will get your answer within a few minutes.

Works on all browsers

The best part of the online quadratic equation calculator is it is compatible with all type of window versions as well as browsers.

From primary to college levels, one needs to do numerous quadratic calculations in various assignments and term papers. Our quadratic calculator is the best tool when you need to solve lots of quadratic equations in your assignments, in a very small time. It is also super useful when you need to check the accuracy of the quadratic equations, you have solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

A quadratic equation is a polynomial equation that is of the form ax2+bx+c, where a, b and c are constant numbers, known as coefficients and x is the variable number. It is called as quadratic because the highest power of the variable(x) is 2 (x2) in the equation. It is to be noted that either of a, b and c can be zero and still the equation would be called quadratic equation. Some examples of quadratics equations are x2+ 3x – 4 = 0 , X2+ 5x = 0, x2– 4 = 0
Yes, the tool has been made in the manner to ensure 100% accurate results
Quadratic formula is the formula used to solve quadratic equations. You can solve the equation of the form ax2+bx+c=0, by using the quadratic formula x= −b±√b2−4ac/2a
Yes , you can use it to get 100% accurate solutions for all quadratic equation assignments

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