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  • Comparative Essay Structure
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Tips and Tricks for How to Structure an Essay

Human beings tend to use different essay structures and conventions in speeches for the audience to understand the context of an argument. If essays are your pain point, it’s time to fix the basics first: the essay framework. Once you learn how to structure an essay, compiling a copy will get less intimidating. 

To begin with, here are some important tips to consider:

  • Allocate Enough Time

The framework is useful for organising the ideas and facts you gathered from digging and modifying them according to your answer. Outlining will save you time later and make writing easier.

Stick to the Chosen Format 

Once you've picked the outline that works best for you, follow it to place your arguments logically and accurately. If your ideas change, your outline should also be modified.

Give Enough Details 

The backstory of a topic helps the reader understand the topic better. It also informs the target audience about the ideas or problems you'll be discussing.

Make Simpler Claims

When structuring the arguments for the body, start with the simpler claims and gradually present the complex ideas to ensure your readers are not overwhelmed.

Written communication is one of the most important skills for succeeding in school and beyond. Want to develop your skills under expert guidance? Consult our writers.

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Why Is Structure Important In an Essay? 

Developing an essay outline ensures that all the critical points are covered in the appropriate sections. It also helps to break down the entire document into multiple manageable sections, making the task less intimidating. 

For example, an essay assignment of 2,000 words will seem less daunting if you approach it section by section, like 200 words for the introduction, 1600 words for the body, and the remaining 200 for the concluding section. You can further break down the 1600 words into multiple sections to make sure you stay on track with the word count and complete your work by adhering to the framework. As for developing the outline for your essay, 

  • Decide how you want to place your arguments and where 
  • Determine whether you want to include any background details, and if yes, how much.
  • Think about your concluding para and decide if you want to make recommendations.

Also, don't forget to check the guidelines before developing the format. Often, essay outlines are given with the prompts. However, if you have to write one from scratch, feel free to connect with MyAssignmentHelp. Our writers have the expertise to work with various types of essay outlines and can deliver excellence on paper.

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Why Do Students Love Our Essay Structuring Service Online? 

The writing team at MyAssignmentHelp consists of seasoned specialists with years of experience in writing essays in diverse academic subjects. They recognise students' challenges, whether it's determining the main idea of your essay or devising a workable structure and provide customised guidance to get through it all. Both native and international students in Aus prefer our services because of the following:

🎓 PhD Scholars of Global Repute

Highly recommended with a 4.9/5 rating

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 Unlike other self-proclaimed best writers in Aus, we know what it takes to write an essay format that lays the foundation for a great essay. Our reader follow-up activities ensure that each student gets outright support for their tasks. In fact, we have access to top-ranked databases to find examples for highlighting the main point in each body section to leave the reader impressed. Check our sample essays for reference. 

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How Many Body Paragraphs Are In An Essay? 

The number of body sections varies depending on the word count, requirement, the scope of the essay, and the course. However, a common five-paragraph essay has three body sections, while a seven-paragraph piece has five. Irrespective of the type, all body paragraphs should communicate your thoughts and experiences and primary argument clearly and logically. Check out the following tips to improve the impact of your body paragraphs.

 Define a Purpose

All the body paragraphs should support the thesis, either by providing backstory, digging into further details or giving contrasting perspectives.

Include Counterarguments

 When writing an analytical or argumentative piece, we advise you to present counterarguments in one of the body paragraphs before explaining why your thesis stands true. Presenting facts and exploring a topic from every aspect boosts credibility and wins you the trust of a reader.

Use Paragraph Breaks

A paragraph break is important to give readers a reprise and control a reader's pace. Avoid cramming the paragraphs with too much information.

Review and Proofread

Carefully revise each paragraph to eliminate redundancies or unnecessary information and make your writing crisp and authoritative. For more such effective tips on writing, subscribe to our website. You can also sign up with us for pro-level academic support from real writers. 

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Why Do Students Need to Structure an Essay? 

Most students these days request professional writers “Please write my essay” because:

  • They don’t understand the prompt.
  • They don’t know how to outline their essays.
  • They cannot develop a thesis statement or main question.
  • They struggle to use evidence and relevant examples.
  • They cannot determine the right approach.

 Essay writing becomes manageable when you know what ideas go where and how to make arguments with relevant evidence. That's where an essay format comes in. 

Your essay is not just a collection of words, facts, arguments and evidence. It should have a focal point. A well-structured essay plays a pivotal role in presenting arguments coherently and helping readers follow your logic and the overall content of your essay. 

Moreover, an essay outline is more of an essay writing guide as it helps you determine what goes in the introduction, body, and concluding para and what doesn't. It will also help you determine whether you have enough information for readers to understand your responses. 

All in all, an essay format is important because it helps to get your ideas clearly for your readers’ easy understanding. To learn how to craft a perfect template for strengthening your arguments, you can seek help from professional writers at MyAssignmentHelp. 

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How Can Our Experts Help You Structure an Essay Quickly? 

Creating an essay outline on your own may sound challenging, but things can be streamlined with professional guidance. If you want to seek essay help, our team of Aus-based essay assistants can support you and help you write a perfect outline that fits your essay specifications and instructions. Take a look at the process our writers follow for creating a framework:

  • Understanding the requirements. Our writers carefully analyse the specifications to determine what’s expected of you. 
  • Coming up with a thesis statement. Our expert will help you write the central point (thesis statement) to keep your essay focused. They make sure it’s strong and intrigues readers’ interest.
  • Mapping out the format. A well-defined outline is ready with the important sections and subsections. The writer will organise all the points to be discussed under each section and subsection so it becomes to elaborate on. 
  • Using strong evidence. They will help you organise relevant evidence like data, quotes, and examples to develop the entire argument. 

Our team of Aus-based writers tackle the entire process with utmost care and dexterity. Their vast experience in the academic domain can benefit you and bring you the grades you are looking for. Thus, share your requirements with us to get your grades on track. 

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Explain the Basics of Essay Structure

Let’s now explore the essential elements of an essay format in detail:


  • The introduction paragraph sets the tone for your piece. 
  • Whether you are writing about a historical event or a social cause, introduce the topic in a way that piques readers’ interest and highlights the main point.
  • Next, provide background information. But avoid going into details in the introduction.
  • Write your thesis statement, signalling your position on the key point in a sentence or two.

Body Paragraphs

  • Each paragraph makes key aspects with supporting arguments relevant to the thesis.
  • You cannot miss topic sentences in the body, not even for one paragraph. All topic sentences should be centred on the key idea of a specific paragraph.
  • Using suitable transitional words is mandatory to connect one paragraph to another, making it easier for readers to follow the main points.
  • Present data supporting a specific point from relevant sources. Be sure to interpret and explain the findings to develop the argument.


  • To write an essay ending, reiterate your thesis
  • Tie together the main ideas from each body paragraph
  • Throw light on why your argument matters
  • Write an impactful closing sentence to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

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Essay Structure Examples

Different formats are used for organising essays. Below, we discussed the three most popular kinds for your reference and clarity. 

Chronological Essay Structure Example

In the chronological approach, all events are discussed according to their appearance. Here's the standard template for organising an assignment in chronological order: 

  1. Introduction
    • Hook
    • Background
    • Thesis
  2. Event/period One
    • Discussion of event/period
    • Repercussion/outcome
  3. Event/period two
    • Discussion of event/period
    • Repercussion/outcome
  4. Event/period three
    • Discussion of event/period
    • Repercussion/outcome
  5. Conclusion
    • Summary
    • Significance topic
    • Strong closing statement

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure Example

These essays are greatly based on factual analysis and follow two outlining methods: the point-by-point format and the block format

Point-by-Point Format

All similarities and differences between the subjects are listed simultaneously. Here’s an example:

  1. Introduction
    • Topic introduction
    • Specify the theme
    • Present the thesis covering the key areas
  2. Body Para 1
    • Focus sentence
    • Topic 1
      • Reasoning
      • Reasoning
    • Topic 2
      • Reasoning
      • Reasoning
  3. Body Para 2
    • Focus sentence
    • Topic 1
      • Reasoning
      • Reasoning
    • Topic 2
      • Reasoning
      • Reasoning
  4. Body Para 3
    • Focus sentence
    • Topic 1
      • Reasoning
      • Reasoning
    • Topic 2
      • Reasoning
      • Reasoning
  5. Conclusion
    • Sum up the key points
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 essay structures? arrow

The main parts of a paper are:

  • Part 1 - Intro – topic introduction, opening hook, and thesis
  • Part 2 – 4 - Body 
  • Paragraph 1 + focal point/sentence + argument 1 + examples
  • Paragraph 2 + topic sentence + argument 1 + examples
  • Paragraph 3 + topic sentence + argument 1 + examples
  • Part 5 - Conclusion

What is a body paragraph? arrow

Body sections are the paragraphs that come between the intro and conclusion. The body is the heart of the paper that provides key information, arguments, examples, and other discussions. These sections should be well written as they help to prove your thesis and make your document engaging.

Is it necessary to restate the thesis in the conclusion? arrow

A good conclusion restates the thesis and highlights the key points, explaining to the reader the importance of your work. However, in most writing, it is not mandatory to restate the thesis in the concluding paragraphs. You must revisit the main points to give a sense of closure to readers and reinforce the thesis. 

How do you format a composition? arrow

The basic format consists of an intro, body, and conclusion.

  • The intro presents the thesis statement/topic, highlighting key arguments and how they link to the body sections. It should also have a hook and summarised research theories.
  • The body sections highlight analysis and arguments and present information from research supporting the claims. Each essay paragraph structure should begin with a topic sentence relevant to the thesis.
  • The conclusion summarises the ideas you presented in your body paragraphs, and there must be a call-to-action section for further action. 

How do you start a persuasive essay structure? arrow

Begin by setting the scene with a strong intro focusing on the purpose and importance of the topic. Your intro should include a backstory and context of the topic, an outline of the key points, and a final sentence suggesting the focal points and aims.  

Can I deviate from the traditional format? arrow

You can deviate from the traditional formats depending on the type of essay you are working on. For instance, in contrast-and-compare essays, you need at least one paragraph for each comparison and contrast, while in an analytical piece, you'll have one body section for each discussed point supporting the thesis.

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