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Deakin University Harvard referencing tools

Deakin University is famous for pulling off its referencing style. But a significant part of the academic assignments takes Harvard referencing style as their required style. This combination has developed the Deakin Harvard referencing. This is why has created a unique tool called the Deakin Harvard reference generator that follows the Harvard reference style at Deakin University.

The mainstay of Deakin University is Harvard referencing style. So, you must master the Havard referencing style to complete your Deakin referencing. You need to know the book's name, author's name, the date of publication and publication year to master the Harvard referencing style at Deakins University. has developed a unique tool to address this particular issue. They have a special agency called the "Harvard Referencing generator in Deakin", which specialises in this specific foray.

So are you fed up with your assignment after searching across the internet and finding a single better alternative of Deakin Harvard referencing? Don't worry. is the best help for you, especially with such easy access tools.

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How to do citations in Deakin University - Harvard style?

If you follow the Deakin Referencing Generator guide, you will easily trace that the style follows a traditional author-date style. If you want to give separate in-text citations in this style, you will observe that you cannot avoid providing the publication year and the author in the body. Also, you must test that the page numbers are within quotes.

 When you are determined to prepare the reference list, you need to prepare a list of sources that are part of our in-text citations. Then, you have to follow our exclusive Harvard Deakin referencing generator steps to get the best Deakin referencing in the Harvard style. Ultimately it is the best tool you will find all over the internet.

The Deakin referencing in Harvard style follows two primary principles. They are the reference list at the end of the document and in-text citations within the document. The main trick of the Deakin referencing is its alphabetical order while maintaining the reference lists. Unfortunately, many students fall short in presenting a list with alphabetical names of the authors. It is indeed a problem for both students and teachers outside the university's purview.

They don't know the basics of Deakin referencing and how to find the necessary correlation between the two separate reference styles. So, if you think that any pertaining issues regarding your referencing are creating a permanent headache for you, then choose our Deakin Harvard referencing guide now.

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What are some Deakin Harvard referencing examples? 

Our official website has a full-fledged guide on making proper referencing in Harvard style while studying at Deakin University. The guide has a separate template for in-text samples. Here are the examples.

  1. Jolt (2011) (Single author)
  2. Pearson 2013, Shepherd 2014) (when the reference mentions two or more names as the credited authors).
  3. (Fleming, Sinclairs&Astle 2021) (When there are three authors mentioned in the body of authors)
  4. (Wales et al., 2018) (when you have more than three or many authors on the list of authors)

There are many examples of reference lists in the Harvard referencing in Deakin style guideline. Here are examples of Harvard referencing guidelines.

  1. Jolt, MG 2010. The behaviour of different organisations and corporate practices: Liverpool (in case of a single author).
  2. Burns, K.L, Larsen, A.B 1993. Towards the Shore of Sydney. Irwin (for two or three authors).
  3. Smith, W.R, Bond, J.T, George, M & Brown, K.L. 2010. Small Enterprise Management. Melbourne: McGraw-Hill.

So, are you happy with the referencing generator of Deakin University in its Harvard referencing style from Get the best support from our experts now.

Here are some examples of getting the best-referencing styles for various contents.

How do you cite a book in the Deakin University - Harvard referencing style?

To cite a book in the Deakin guide to referencing in Harvard style, you have to prepare the reference in the following style.

First, write the surname of the author. Then put the initials of the name of the same author. After that, provide the book's page number, followed by the year of publishing. After completing your reference list, organise the list alphabetically to get the final output.

If you are incapable of doing it manually all by yourself, then our Harvard Referencing Tool to get quick results on time.

How to reference a journal article in the Deakin University - Harvard citation style? 

Journals are another essential piece of academic paper that needs to be edited through Deakin referencing in Harvard style. Here are the steps to cite a journal in the Deakin Harvard reference style.

Write the surname of the author. Then put the initials of the names of the author. Then write the name of the journal followed by a comma. At last, provide the publication year, date of publication, and the publishing authority's name to get the best citing.

If you think it is too difficult for you to cite an entire journal following the necessary rules, follow the Deakin referencing tool of

How to cite a website in a paper in Deakin University - Harvard style? 

First, put the name of the website. Then put the link in the form of the URL. Ultimately, you must provide all necessary details of the source website and the reference list. When you are citing the website within the test, you need to put the initials of the website in the said list.

How to cite a YouTube video Deakin University - Harvard 

You first open the link to the website. Then copy the first phase of the website where the website name is written. You have to paste the specified metadata and publication date at some specific requirements. All things combined, you build the best alternative for a book or journal citation.

At times, it is too tough to remember all details of referencing and citation in Harvard style that works exclusively for Deakin university. In such a case, you can easily open's Deakin Harvard reference style for fulfilling the requirements of reference list preparation and in-text citation.

How to cite a podcast using Deakin University - Harvard referencing style

Two types of podcasts exist on the internet. One is audio podcasts, and another one is video podcasts. So, naturally, the referencing and citation standards of the two podcasts will be different. So, we present you with two separate pointers for two types of podcasts.

  1. Citing audio podcast

Audio podcasts are the easiest to cite under the Deakin Harvard reference style. You first mention the website's name, followed by the show’s name, and then copy the URL in the list. Then copy the website name from that link and paste it within brackets as part of your in-text citation. Don't forget to maintain an alphabetical order in the reference list.

  1. Citing video podcast

Mention the website name at the beginning. Then the name of the organiser of the podcast was followed by the initials of his surname. You can also mention multiple names in such ways if various people hold the podcast. Then put the date and year of publishing in the brackets. In the end, paste the URL link of the website.

Take the website's name and put it under brackets for in-text citation. If you think the process is too complicated for you, go to and search with the Deakin Harvard reference style generator. It is the easiest way to cite online videos perfectly.

So, being a newbie in academic research, you may find a bibliography and reference list preparation touch for you. This is mainly because different sources need different types of references and in-text citations within your document. If you are such a worry, then shrug it off now. Instead, avail our Deakin Harvard reference generator for free and get your referencing done immediately.

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How does our Deakin Style Referencing Generator save our time? 

It is common knowledge that automatic tools are better than manually putting your details. It is even tougher to pull off intricate jumbles of referencing and in-text citations. So, is here to help. It is the best website to throw all citation-related worries into the dustbin. Our Deakin Style Referencing Generator is ready to become your one-stop solution for referencing, reference list and bibliography. So, indeed to save you time, you can use our Deakin Style Referencing Generator from today onwards. Also, apart from Harvard style, we have other referencing services. Those are listed below.

  • Oxford referencing in Deakin style
  • APA referencing in Deakin
  • APA referencing guide in Deakin style
  • Deakin APA 6th style
  • APA 6th referencing in Deakin style

So if you want to get your Deakin Harvard referencing to be done in a matter of seconds, then visit the official website of now.

Deakin Referencing Generator Guide 

Following are some lists of guides that we provide free with your Deakin Harvard referencing generator service. Those are as follows.

  • Deakin Guide to Harvard Reference
  • Deakin Guide to APA Reference
  • Deakin Guide for IEEE References
  • Deakin Guide for Vancouver References

So, be the first person in your class to avail the best Deakin Harvard referencing generator. Let's get started.

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Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

Q1.What referencing does Deakin use?

Ans: Deakin University students mainly use Harvard referencing. But there are APA, APA 6th, Vancouver and Oxford referencing, which they follow.

Q2. What is Deakin Harvard referencing?

Ans: When you do a referencing in Harvard style for a Deakin university paper, it is called the Deakin Harvard referencing.

Q3. Why is Deakin Harvard referencing so important?

Ans: You cannot get the necessary marks without the Deakin Harvard referencing. That's why it is so important.

Q4. Is Harvard referencing used universally at Deakin University?

Ans: No. Other styles, such as APA, APA 6th, Oxford, and Vancouver, are accepted at Deakin University.

Q5. Can Deakin Harvard referencing styles vary?

Ans: Yes. It can vary according to the requirements of the assignment.

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