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Page Calculator Tool

Calculate page count, sheet, words, characters count of content. It's Free!

How to use a Page Calculator step by step?

In Three Steps

As the name suggests, word counter counts the number of words you’ve used in your text. Thus, it can also alert you if you’ve exceeded the maximum word limit without writing the important facts and arguments.

Our developers have designed this word count calculator in such a way that you can keep track of the word count just by looking at the screen of the device. Our word calculator will also let you know about the number of pages that you may require to cover a specific number of words. presents a user-friendly word-to-book pages calculator to those searching the web with questions like –

  • How many characters is 500 words?
  • How many pages is 4000 characters?
  • (OR) Where to find a reliable book page count calculator?

Whether you wish to stick to the specified word count for your academic essay or determine "4000 characters is how many pages", our word/character counter is perfect for your writing needs. 
Moreover, using our free book word count calculator is straightforward.

  • Copy the file or upload the doc onto our calculator
  • Customise the font size, style and other aspects per your requirements
  • And allow the tool to give you a precise word/page count

Our unique and flexible 'how many characters calculator' supports all types of documents, even HTML files. 
We welcome you to give our word counter a shot. Rest assured; you won't be disappointed!

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use this free word count tool in a few minutes.

  • In our word counter, paste your document in the space that says ‘Paste Text’. You can also mention the number of words directly in the box preceded by the ‘Paste Text’ option.
  • Then you can change the font family as per the requirement. For instance, a standard page with double spacing and 12p Times New Roman as the font along with 1” margin on all the sides is supposed to contain the text of 250 words.
  • Then you can change the font size from 9 to 14 as per your paper’s requirement.
  • Finally, change the spacing of your texts including single, 1.5 and double.

Besides academic writing, other forms of writing require writers to stick to a specific character/word count into pages.
Be it SEO writing, Copywriting, Social Media Posts, Classifieds, Business Listing, Infographic postsPress ReleasesWebsite Content (and others)- each has a stringent word count for writers to stick to.
A page count calculator is the perfect medium for achieving precision in such word and character-specific writing tasks. Depending on the requirements, writers can use a page calculator for achieving exact word count in all types of projects or publication work. 
The word-to-page calculator allows writers to note the count in each section or stanza. They can frame the title or tagline for websites per their character counts.
Moreover, with the word-to-page counter, writers can refrain from overcompensating in their posts and stay within the mentioned count.
Above all, using a word-per-paper counter tool ensures the final copy adheres to the acceptable margin, is concise and submission ready.
If you're looking for an online word count tool for your writing tasks, connect with immediately.

College/university course conductors recommend that students use an online character count tool when writing their essays, thesis/dissertations, research papers, case studies (and so on). 
However, most students don't pay heed to this recommendation. And by doing so, they often surpass the specified word/character count. Maintaining the word/character count in academic assignments is crucial. On some level, even your academic grades depend on them.
Fortunately, understands the importance of churning assignments within the exact word and character count. To help students achieve it, we offer them our advanced character count tool online!
We have designed our characters counter online in a way that helps you keep track of your word/character count simply by viewing the screen. Our character count tool will alert you if you supersede the recommended word/character limit without incorporating key arguments, data and facts.
Furthermore, our character counter tool informs you about the no. of pages you must cover to meet the set word and character target.
More Benefits of the Character Count Online tool –

  • It allows you to achieve the proper structure of your assignment paper by keeping true to its set count.
  • It allows you to meet the precise character count for all key segregations of your research paper.
  • Our number of characters calculator tool makes it 10 times easier to maintain the recommended count in your paper and not become entitled to marks deduction.
  • It allows you to include all key elements and data in specific sections of your paper within its suggested character/word limit.
  • Our online character count tool is accessible anytime via laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Our character count tool online works on all documents – Google Docs, MS word, PDFs, etc.
  • Our characters counter online allows you to check character limits with and without spaces instantly.
  • Our character counter tool saves a lot of time that students otherwise waste manually calculating their word/character counts. 
  • Moreover, our character count tool helps augment the overall quality of your assignment paper by allowing you to explain your ideas or data more compactly. is a revered one-stop academic platform offering 360-degree writing guidance and free tools and resources for students to use anytime. 

Besides the character count tool or word count calculator, students will find several other free and easy to access academic tools and resources.
Those tools include as follows –

  • Automatic and accurate referencing generators – It helps accurately perform in-text citations per formats like – APA, Vancouver, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, MLA, etc.
  • Paraphrasing Tool – It helps rephrase texts from original sources without altering their true meaning.
  • Essay Typer – To get essays on any subject topic within mere minutes.
  • Plagiarism Checker To scan your work against millions of existing web sources for traces of duplicate content- be it sentences or stanzas of words.
  • Resume Builder – To get guidance on writing a resume that exhibits all your key skills, competencies and accomplishments.
  • Grammar Checker – To check and resolve all existing grammar issues in work.
  • Spelling Checker – To rectify all misspelled words in your work and make it error-free.
  • And Various Calculator Tools – like Algebra calculator, GPA calculator, Quadratic equation solver, Chemical equation balancer, Factor calculator, etc. 

Each of our writing tools has proven useful to thousands of students across Australia. Our writing tools are advanced, offer unlimited usage and provide accurate results every time. 
Plus, it has an overall 98.5% customer satisfaction record.
In addition to our top-quality writing tools, we provide students with millions of pre-written paper samples and answers to use as assignment reference and exam preparation material.
Using our reference resources, you can achieve your dream of securing top grades in class.
So, if you need our Free Tools & Resources (word counter tool free or any other), connect with our assignment help experts immediately.

You risk losing valuable marks if you do not abide by the word count stipulation. This is where the word counter tool proves to be valuable. You get to check:

  • The number of words you have written in a paragraph or a particular section.
  • The page count
  • The character count (with and without spaces)

Thus, you get to make sure that you have not exceeded the word limit. The word counter tool online can be used to make sure that your content is well within the accepted margin.

Students and professionals both require word number counter at their disposal. In case of copywriting, SEO writing, or script writing, sticking to a particular word count is of the utmost essence. Otherwise, you will be dragging the content unnecessarily or not meeting the specified word count. This will result in two things. You will lose your client, or if you have your own website, you will not get enough traffic.

For other purposes, you can use the word calculator for:

  • Page count in a document
  • Character count online
  • Word count in any project or solution.

However, most students prefer word counter to meet stringent rules. One has to abide by the word and character count for introduction, body, and conclusion.

If you are using Microsoft Word to compose content, you should give this section a thorough read. For estimating word and character count, you should:

  • Check the Status bar
  • For estimating partial word count or online character count, select the text. The status bar will display the required information.
  • Or, you can select Review in the Menu bar, and then click on Word Count for the same information.

The word checker is extremely valuable as you can adjust the word count in your write-up.

Or, you can use our character and word counter online to get additional information such as page count or passage word count. And you can also do words check on URL content. always strives to make its student's assignment writing endeavours hassle-free. 
It's why we present them with our advanced word counter tool in addition to our primary service (assignment writing guidance and mentoring).

Many students write their assignments on Google Docs instead of MS word docs. If you're one, you might have noticed that the word count shown differs from what you find once you copy the exact thing on MS word.
We believe that Google Docs utilises a different algorithm to determine the estimated page count. Hence the dissimilarities in word/page character count between these two documents. 
Luckily, our word counter tool online free comes with an adaptable algorithm allowing users to determine the precise count with or without spaces and special characters. And that's how our reliable word counter generator achieves the correct word and character count without any discrepancies. 
Furthermore, our word length calculator prevents you from dragging content unnecessarily to explain your essay/assignment topic. 
Be it in the Abstract, Introduction, Body or Conclusion; our word counter pages tool allows you to achieve the exact words (and characters, if needed) in each of these sections.
Our words-on-pages calculator tool also lets you abide by your set structure/outline and write your assignment sticking to the specified guidelines.
Once you use our word/character count pages calculator in real time, you will understand how helpful it is for your precise writing requirements.
So, join us today and try our word counter tool first-hand.

Our word page counter is predominantly used by countless students in Australia and across continents. 

And Here Are Some Cool Features of Our Page Counter That Compels So Many Students to Keep Using Them Repeatedly.

  • Our word page calculator allows you to import doc, docx PDF and TXT. files from your preferred storage in one single click.
  • Our word to pages calculator reveals to users the precise number of words/characters present (with and without spaces).
  • Our word to pages calculator also shares the precise reading time for the written content.
  • You can use our word count to page count converter to copy text and paste it into any doc file you want without much effort.
  • Furthermore, using the character-to-word count converter, you can easily adjust other aspects of your written document like page size, font style and size, line spacing, top and bottom margin and left and right margin. 

Our pages to words calculator will prove very useful during your writing endeavours. So, if you haven't tried it yet – do it without second guessing.
You will appreciate the results.

Word count plays a crucial role in all forms of writing. It helps writers make their work suitable for their target audience. Moreover, depending on the type of work, it sets the expectations for the readers and keeps them engaged.
When working on academic papers, a specified word count allows students to understand how much information to present in their write-up. It enables them to create a draft comprising the number of stanzas, sub-headers, data and examples to explain the topic appropriately.

Also, most colleges/universities set a word limit on assignments to establish fairness in grading. It lets them compare different works of the same length and accordingly grade them per their readability, research and overall quality.
Professors sometimes give students some leeway by allowing them to go 10% over the specified word limit. But despite this allowance, you must always stay within or equal to the word count for your research essays. It will show your reviewer that you wrote your piece concisely without deviating from the guidelines. 
So, if you wish to keep your assignment essay within the mentioned word limit, we suggest going for our free word counter for essays.
Our word counter online free tool shows the data for word and character counts with and without spaces in a doc file. 
Moreover, our words to pages calculator even calculate the total words in each page per stanza and allow you to adhere to the levied assignment instructions.
Much to your delight, our word and space counter will be the ideal tool to achieve perfection in your academic essays. 
With our word number calculator tool, you can craft customised write-ups in specific word limits to suit the needs of your particular audience or business.
Our page-to-word counter free tool gives instant results from any document- word, PDF, or Google spreadsheets. 
So, without delay- feel free to use our letter count tool today to achieve the precise word and character count in all your written work. 

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Other Free tools and resources For All

The word counter is a minuscule glimpse of what we have in store for our clients. Other free tools we have up our sleeves are Vancouver referencing generator, Harvard referencing generators, Algebra calculator, chemical equation balancer, and what not! Write content, balance chemical equations, cite sources and many more just with a click.

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

It depends on the type of social media post. Typically, social media posts with smaller character count, like 40-80 characters, prove more engaging for the audience. However, it's best to stay within 140-200 characters for longer posts.
If you want your post to be in its exact character count – take advantage of our user-friendly character count tool immediately.

Character count is essential to keep your write-ups precise and more engaging for your readers. Some sections in academic writing, like the topic or sub-sections, require students to maintain specific counts.
Many other write-ups require specific character counts for certain sections to suit their audience. If you need help maintaining the character count – go for our character counter tool today.

Indeed, spaces count as characters. Moreover, anything that shifts the pointer is considered a character.
If you require help keeping your character count in check when working on essays with specific requirements- feel free to use our character count tool.

Yes, punctuation marks include in character counts, as do others like alphabets, numbers, and space.
It is why punctuation and the others above are known as special characters. Each character is crucial in any writing and serves many different uses.
We recommend our character count calculator if you need a precise reading of your character count.

Academic papers comprise a specific word count limit to make students aware of the maximum required work length. Students need to stick within the word limit. It reveals that students know their topic well enough and can explain the case coherently using limited words.
If you wish to stay within the exact count- use our words per-page calculator tool.

Word count keeps the write-up concise for your target readers. It also encourages students to research and find enough data, information and ideas to make the write-up worth going through. Moreover, it prevents students from including fillers or repetitive sentences and even levels the grading parameters since everyone must complete their task within the same count.
Use our word count page calculator ASAP to determine the exact word count for your academic papers.

On Microsoft Word, you can check the character and word count at one place (for both selected text and the entire assignment). You can check it out from the Status bar. Or, you can click on Review on the Menu bar, and check out the same information from the ‘Word Count’ option.

4000 Characters
4000 characters roughly equate to 500 words. However, this depends on the number of letters in each word, punctuation's, and spaces used.
1000 Words
If you are using single spacing, standard margins, and size 12 fonts, then you can fit 500 words in one page. So, 1000 words would take 2 pages.
500 Words
If you are using single spacing, standard margins, and size 12 fonts, then you can fit 500 words in one page. If the parameters are different, then it might take 2 pages.

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