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How Chemical Equation Balancer Works?

plagi free

Enter Your Chemical Equation

Enter the reactants and the products with signs like (+) and (=) where required. You can enter any compound or element in chemistry as required.

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plagi free

Click 'Balance It'

After having entered the equation, click ‘Balance it’ button. The tool will balance according to the rules of balancing in chemistry.

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plagi free

Get The Balanced Equation

Get the balanced equation in seconds with proper coefficients and numbers of atoms and molecules.

Why Choose Chemical Equation Balancer?

Know why you should use this tool.

Accurate Balancing Of Chemical Equations

A good chemical equation balancer tool should be able to balance equations accurately and efficiently.


User-Friendly Interface

The tool should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand.


Step-By-Step Solution

The tool should provide a step-by-step solution with explanations, making it easy for users to understand the balancing process.


Multiple Balancing Methods

The tool should provide options for different balancing methods, such as the coefficients method and oxidation-reduction method, to cater to different types of chemical reactions.

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Three Simple Steps To Success With Our Balancing Chemical Equations Calculator

Learning so much about our chemical equation calculator must be making it more difficult to quell the excitement in you to try the tool. Well, our balancing chemical equations solver is all yours.

The best part is you just need to follow three steps, and you can get all of your complex chemical equations solved with the right balancing technique!

So, check below and learn how to use our in-house and free balance chemical equation calculator -

  1. Log on to

Simply visit our site and pick our chemical equation balance calculator from the 'Free Tool' section on the top menu bar section on our home page. Then enter any number of elements or compounds as required for the equation.

  1. Enter the equation


Copy and paste your chemical equation on the chemistry equation calculator to begin the process. You can, of course, use signs such as '=' and '+' as instructed by your subject guide.

  1. Click 'Balance' For the Results


The third and last step is to click on the 'Balance It' button. Once you press it, the chemical balance calculator will balance the equations according to the latest guidelines of your discipline. And you will get the balanced solution for your chemical equation within seconds!

Isn't it easy and hazard-free? So, what are your thoughts on our smart chemical equation balancer? If you encounter any issue using this tool, you can approach our customer care executives for help.

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Advanced Techniques For Balancing Complex Chemical Equations

You might be aware of the types of chemical equations like -Synthesis reactions, Decomposition reactions, Single-replacement reactions and Double-replacement reactions. Now, you might wonder if our balancing equations calculator is able to solve such equations.

Well, our newest and most valued tool - the chemical equation balancer - can actually solve all kinds of chemical equations and other academic tasks related to chemistry.

Just like we have tools to offer geometry homework help for every complex theorem, our fast and free AI “balancing equations," calculator is built to serve complex equations through any advanced techniques like Stoichiometric Coefficient or the Algebraic Balancing Method.

Moreover, it does the following to keep your solutions flawless -

  1. Enter any equation; our tool will balance the equations with its inbuilt technology that identifies the compounds.
  2. You can check the reactions in your paper and assess the score.
  3. This AI tool is case-sensitive; hence you can expect the proper use of subscripts and superscripts.
  4. Before giving you the final result, the balanced equation is checked multiple times.

Since you can enjoy multiple benefits through a single chemical equation balancer, it's better to stop wasting time and try it today!

Try it Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I balance a chemical equation? arrow

To balance an equation, you need to follow two steps -


  • Count each type of atom in reactants and products
  • Place coefficients, as needed, in front of the symbols or formulas to increase the number of atoms or molecules of the substances You can also check our sample solves chemical equations for step-by-step techniques.

What are the common errors when balancing chemical equations? arrow

After providing solutions for chemical equations for so many years now, our experts have detected recurring mistakes that students make while balancing chemical equations -


  • Creating ionic compound chemical formulas
  • Using brackets incorrectly when discussing polyatomic ions
  • Not putting coefficients and subscripts in the proper order

What is a balanced chemical equation? arrow

An equation for a chemical reaction is said to be balanced if both the reactants and the products have the same number of atoms and the total charge for each component of the reaction. In other words, both sides of the equation must have an equal balance of mass and charge. You can learn more details on such contexts by calling our chemistry experts.

Why is it important to balance a chemical equation? arrow

The law of conservation of mass, which states that "the total mass of all the products of the reaction in a chemical reaction is equal to the total mass of all the reactants," is satisfied by balancing chemical equations.

Can you provide an example of how to balance a chemical equation? arrow

Definitely! Here is an equation P4O10 + H2O → H3PO4 that will be balanced below -


  1. First, you have to put 6 in front of H2O on the left - P4O10+ 6 H2O → 4H3PO4
  2. At this point, check the oxygens to see if they balance.
  3. You see, on the left, there are 10 atoms of oxygen from P4O10 and 6 from H2O, for a total of 16. Similarly, there is a total of 16 on the right as well.
  4. As the oxygen is balanced, the equation is balanced too.
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