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CDR Australia

Avail Our CDR Help to Pass the Migration Skill Assessment with Ease

At, we have been helping migrant engineers kickstart their career in Australia with quality CDR writing services. We have a team of expert CDR writers in Australia who know the requirements of CDR Engineers Australia like the back of their hands. They excel at providing assistance in every aspect of CDR writing.

cdr report

Continuing Professional Development

Before we start working on the CPD for your CDR Australia, we learn all the necessary details about your career and your CPD activities undertaken in the last two years. An engineer is as good as his/her professional skill and knowledge. Thus, we highlight such things in this segment.



The career episodes aren't about the instances in your career where you were the centre of attraction. Our experts help you develop every career episode in such a way that it highlights not just your skills and knowledge but also your ability as a leader and a team player in a project So Get the help of CDR Australia to assessment of you skill.



Writing the summary statement can be tricky as it needs to carefully pick the major elements of the career episodes. While you request us for CDR writing services, we collect all the necessary details from you and highlight the core technical skills in this segment to make it appealing.

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Why Choose Us to Prepare Your CDR for Engineers Australia has been in the business of CDR writing services for over a decade. And throughout the years, we have encountered a wide variety of CDR writing requests. As long as the order requirements sounded reasonable, our team was able to provide the necessary CDR help to the applicants. In other words, you get personalised CDR writing assistance at Besides, you are entitled to get the following features with each order of CDR report in Australia.


On-Time Delivery

We understand how important every hour is for you. This is why our team puts extra efforts to ensure your CDR Australia is prepared within the promised deadline without compromising the quality.


Pocket-Friendly Price

All our services, including the CDR help, are available at a reasonable price. Moreover, you can enjoy a bunch of deals and discounts to save on your order of CDR for Engineers Australia.

easy order

Smooth User Experience

Our website is designed in a way that anyone can place an order here as per the requirements. Simply log on to our website and place your request for CDR help in just 3 simple steps.


No Traces of Plagiarism

Every year, a number of CDRs for Engineers Australia get rejected as they are simply rip-offs of online sample CDR reports for Engineer Australia. Here, we prepare your CDR from scratch.



No matter which part of the world you are in right now, you can place your order for CDR writing support at our website at your convenience. We are available in every part of the world.

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Round-the-Clock Support

If you have any query about our CDR writing services or want to learn the status of an ongoing order, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our customer support team remains active 24x7.

What Our Happy Clients Say?

For more than a decade, we have been fulfilling the CDR writing requirements of our clients as per their needs. In fact, our clients are more likely to get their CDRs accepted at Engineers Australia than those who do not avail any CDR help. At, we have a customer satisfaction rate of 98%. If you still have doubts about our ability to produce quality CDR Australia, the following testimonials may help settle some of those doubts.

student rating student rating student rating student rating student rating

05 December 2023

Brilliant piece of work

Got a complete CDR writing help from Had zero clues about CDR writing. But now I am more confident about my acceptance at EA after seeing the finished CDR.

Tim Jones, Civil Engineer
student rating student rating student rating student rating student rating

05 December 2023

Value for money

I have been looking for CDR help at different websites as well but found the most reasonable rates here. Even though the price was low, they did not compromise on the quality part.

Lena Garcia, Computer Engineer
student rating student rating student rating student rating student rating

05 December 2023

Truly the best

I did not want to take any risk with my CDR. So, I went to the best there is. helped create an impressive CDR that highlights all my skills and achievements.

Grace Jean, Electrical Engineer
student rating student rating student rating student rating student rating

05 December 2023

Got accepted at EA

Thanks to the brilliant work done by the experts at, my CDR got accepted at EA. I am truly grateful to the experts. I also highly recommended the services.

Rahim Ali, Mechanical Engineer

Get Engineers Australia CDR across All Engineering Branches

As mentioned, our team well-acquainted with all the CDR guidelines outlined by Engineers Australia. To help you boost your chances of acceptance at EA, our team provides you with all the necessary assistance to highlight your skills, knowledge, and achievements in the most impressive manner. No matter which branch of engineering you are pursuing, our team can provide you with CDR Australia.

Help With CDR Australia for Mechanical Engineers

While developing a CDR for a mechanical engineer outside Australia, our team always gives priority to the personal narrative of the applicant. We try to highlight the knowledge and abilities of the applicant in a way that meets the standard requirements set by the EA.

CDR Help for Civil Engineers

At, you can find CDR writers who belong to the community of civil engineers. Expect them to help your prepare quality CDR Australia for your application. Also, you can check out our CDR by civil engineers Australia samples for reference purpose.

CDR Writing for Electrical Engineers

Even if you do not feel confident about writing a CDR for Engineers Australia, our team of experts can guide you throughout the way till your CDR submission. Our specialised CDR writers will develop your career episodes in a way that presents you as a skilled engineer.

CDR Support for IT Engineers

The IT industry is continuously evolving, and so is the writing style of CDRs for IT engineers. Our experts keep themselves up to date to know the latest developments and trends in the industry. So, when they prepare your CDR, they take the necessary measures to ensure your CDR is relevant.

CDR Help for Chemical Engineers

If you have significant knowledge about chemical engineering and have a fair amount of activities in that field, we can help you develop an impressive CDR Australia. Our team shortlists all the major episodes in your career as a chemical engineer and presents them as an A-grade CDR Australia.

CDR Assistance for Software Engineers

Don’t get disappointed learning about the low acceptance rate of CDR at Engineers Australia. We will help you prepare every aspect of your CDR Australia, be it the CPD, career episodes or the summary statement. We can even help you produce a brilliant CV for software engineers.

As mentioned, we have specialised CDR writers from different branches of engineering to help you with your CDR writing requests. If you do not see your engineering branch on the list above, do not be disappointed. We have migrant engineers from different parts of the world in our team, who not only have practical experience of preparing CDR in Australia but are also aware of the engineering norms in different countries.

How We Boost the Acceptance Chances of Your CDR at Engineers Australia?

You may already have a decent idea about the work we do here at However, if you still need clarity about how our team of CDR writers prepares the impressive CDRs for engineering aspirants, here are the major aspects of the workflow that our experts perform.

Building the CDR from Scratch

Even though there are plenty of Engineers Australia CDR templates available on the internet, our team of experts always prefer preparing a CDR in Australia from scratch to give it a unique approach. Before the writers go to writing the career episodes, they develop the outline for the entire report as per the Engineers Australia CDR format and develop the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as per the instructions of the applicant.

Presenting the Career Episodes Brilliantly

The career episodes in CDR Australia are the areas where the real abilities and the knowledge of the applicant get highlighted. While you give us the raw information about your engineering career so far, we process that information and present your career episodes in the most impressive manner. We do not add any false information to them. We just use our narrative skills and years of experience to make the career episodes stand out.

Fine-Tuning the Report for Perfection

Apart from drafting the major aspects of the CDR Australia with conviction, we also run several revisions on the report to ensure your CDR meets the standard set by Engineers Australia. We do not just spot and rectify the grammatical and spelling errors but also identify the areas which could have been presented better. Moreover, our team also conducts plagiarism checks to ensure it does not resemble any existing CDR in Australia in any way.

Every expert at understands the importance of the CDR Australia for Migration Skills Assessment. This is why our experts put extra effort to present your engineering knowledge, skills, and relevant achievements in the best possible way. Since our experts themselves have passed the Migration Skills Assessment before coming to Australia, they understand the requirements better than anyone else. You will be glad to know that some of our experts have also been associated with Engineers Australia. So, we have a fair amount of idea about how to make your CDR Australia application so that it gets accepted at EA.

Every Thing about Writing CDRs for Engineers Australia

While we have already mentioned how we boost the quality of every CDR for the applicants, it is important to know how to prepare a CDR in compliance with the CDR guidelines by Engineers Australia. Here is how we conduct our CDR writing services for engineers outside Australia.

For better understanding, we have segmented the CDR writing process in the following areas:

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Career Episodes Summary Statement
Add your postgraduate study details. Develop three different career episodes with 1,000-2,500 words each. As you can guess, this is the summary of those three career episodes you have mentioned in the CDR.
Mention the books, journals or manuals you have read to gain a better understanding of the field. Use the first 100 words in the introduction and use it to give a brief idea about the project you are talking about in this episode. Do not add any new information in this section. Simply summarise the CDR while staying on track.
Mention the conferences and workshops you have attended. Use the next 200-500 to describe the background or context of the project you were working the time of the episode.

Highlight the following three areas in the summary statement.

  • Your engineering skills and knowledge
  • Application of your engineering abilities
  • Your professional and personal characteristics
Mention if you have done any volunteering or mentoring work related to the engineering field. In the next 500 to 1,000 words, you need to narrate your actual work, address all the challenges you faced and the measures you took to overcome them.  
Mention the materials you have prepared for various courses, conferences, etc., relevant to engineering. Write a summary of the particular career episode, highlighting all the major competencies you have displayed in the narrative.  
Name the short-term courses, technical meetings, and discussions you have attended. Add all the project outputs, goals you met and the other achievements made in the episode.  

Study the table carefully and understand all information our writers would need when you ask them to write a CDR for Engineers Australia. Mention those details in your CDR writing request and get in touch with our customer support team for CDR Australia to clarify your needs and instructions.

Also, do not forget to attach other important documents along with your CDR while submitting your application to Engineers Australia's website. The documents are:

That’s it.

So, why are you still waiting?

Place your order with us at, and start a new chapter of your life by getting accepted by Engineers Australia.

Still Have Second Thoughts? Check Out Our CDR Engineers Australia Samples

In case you are still not convinced about the accuracy and competency of our writers about preparing your CDR, spare some moments to check out some of our CDR examples for Engineers Australia. You can get a look into the Engineers Australia CDR sample of summary statement, CPD, career episodes and other crucial elements. And the samples are available for free


Civil Engineering

The principle reason for the venture that was embraced by me is the planning...

View this sample

Mechanical Engineering

The principal criteria of this venture was to implement a car running on compressed...

View this sample

Career Episode 3

Since the 1970s, hydrogen has been considered as a possible energy carrier...

View this sample

Frequently Asked Questions

To prepare your CDR for Engineers Australia, you need to assemble all the following documents:

  • Your CV
  • Your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Your career episodes
  • Academic degrees and certificates
  • IELTS or TOEFL result
  • Documentary evidence of employment
  • A photcopy of your current passport with your photo and name on it

Refer to the guidelines mentioned in the MSA booklet while preparing the CDR.

In order to submit your CDR, you will have to log on to Engineers Australia’s myPortal. It will offer you access to online services. Select Migration Skills Assessment from the menu. There. You can start, save, resume and submit your application. Typically, you will have to wait about 4 weeks to learn the result of the assessment.

Apart from producing the scores for IELTS, TOEFL and other English assessment tests, a migrating engineering graduate also needs to write a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) as per the requirements of Engineers Australia (EA). The CDR is a document that demonstrates the skills and knowledge of the applicant as an engineer and helps EA evaluate whether the applicant meets the Australian standards or not.

The CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is a combination of customised documents that you need to submit to Engineers Australia. The process is rather simple. You need to visit Engineers Australia's official website, where you can find the MSA booklet. There you can find all the relevant guidelines about preparing your CDR. Once you have prepared your CDR, you can visit the Migration Skills Assessment menu from the website and submit your application there.

If you are an aspiring engineer who is planning to come to Australia to pursue higher studies or to get a job, you will have to produce a CDR along with other documents to pass the assessment of Engineers Australia (EA). The main purpose of a CDR is to give an opportunity to the aspirants from different parts of the world to showcase their engineering knowledge and to help the companies in Australia to match with the best standards.

There are no varieties of competency demonstration report (CDR) that is outlined by Engineers Australia (EA). Yes, you may need to make certain changes in your CDR based on your relevant professional experiences and qualifications. Otherwise, you are supposed to follow the same format for your CDR as the other applicants.

MSA stands for Migration Skills Assessment, which is conducted by Engineers Australia for applicants intending to apply for migration to Australia via the points test Skilled Migration scheme. There are a total of 5 pathways of assessment, and CDR or competency demonstration report is one of them. You should refer to the MSA booklet to find the pathway that is correct for you.

The Migration Skills Assessment fee for CDR for 2020-2021 was $4,785, inclusive of GST. Here is the break-up of the fees.

MSA Fees 2020 - 2021 Fee Excl. GST Fee Incl. GST
Standard Competency Demonstration Report $795.00 (AUD) $874.50 (AUD)
Competency Demonstration Report + $1,155.00 $1,270.50
Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$360 Excl. GST) (AUD) (AUD)
Competency Demonstration Report +
Overseas PhD Assessment (+$225 Excl. GST)
$1,020.00 (AUD) $1,122.00 (AUD)
Competency Demonstration Report +
Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$360 Excl. GST) +
Overseas PhD Assessment (+$225 Excl. GST)
$1,380.00 (AUD) $1,518.00 (AUD)

CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is essential for aspiring engineers who want to migrate to Australia for work. The CDR helps Engineers Australia (EA), the migration skills assessment service provider, to verify whether the applicant is competent enough to meet the engineering standard in Australia or not. If your CDR is rejected by EA, you cannot have a professional career as an engineer in Australia.

A good CDR report must have the following features:

  • It must comply with all the guidelines outlined by EA.
  • It should include a CPD list, three career episodes, and a summary statement.
  • It should be written in Australian English with no grammatical and spelling errors.
  • The career episodes should be written in the first person
  • The career episodes should not have overlapping points.
  • The CDR should highlight your skills, knowledge, and engineering abilities.
  • The summary statement should include all the major points of your career episodes.
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