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Psychiatric Nursing Assignment Help

Mental health is an essential part of our lives. It includes our emotional, psychological and social well being. As we take care of our physical health, we should also provide equal importance to our mental well-being. If we remain unhappy, then it would definitely affect our physical health. Every physical illness needs proper nursing. However, have you ever thought that psychiatric nursing is also an essential part of every treatment?

Before you know about different aspects and sub-disciplines of this field, it is important to know the definition of the subject. Read on to know details about psychiatric nursing.

Psychiatric Nursing: Definition

Psychiatric nursing is appointed the position of a nurse that only specializes in mental health nursing. In this profession, the nurse has to take care of people of every age who are suffering from mental illness. There can be different types of mental illness that these nurses have to look after. Some of the common problems are schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, etc.

Nurses in this area receive multiple training sessions in specific areas. They need to go through a lot of things to understand patients’ psychology to deal with mental illness. Psychiatric nurses must be registered nurses (RNs). A four-year bachelor of science in Nursing degree is the requirement to be a psychiatric nurse.

The psychiatric nursing process involves a lot of technicalities that the professionals need to implement. As part of their treatment, psychiatric nurses begin by interviewing patients. Communication is one of the essential parts of psychiatric treatment. Therefore, the nurses communicate with the patients to know their details. This is the best way to understand their mental health history, living habits, thought process, etc.

What Psychiatric Nurses Do To Find Out The Actual Problem Of The Patients:-

Responsibilities of Psychiatric nurses

Benefits to the patient

Interacting continuously to understand the reason for their mental illness. Knowing their condition to determine the type of treatment they should undertake.

The patients feel stress-free when they get a chance to pour their hearts out. Lack of communication is also a major reason for mental illness. Proper interaction helps them to overcome the ordeals by taking the first step.

Providing appropriate counselling to the patients. The nurses assist the patients with everyday tasks like grooming, delivering medication, etc.

It helps the patients to overcome the illness gradually. The patients are benefitted as they are diverted from their thoughts.

Using non-threatening and de-escalation techniques to help patients manage their anger.

It helps them to remain in peace so that mental health can improve. It is important to provide proper technical treatments according to the needs of the patients.

Understanding the cognitive impairments of criminals who are mentally ill.

A proper understanding of the illness that the patient has may help to direct the treatment in a proper path.

Table 1: Fundamentals of psychiatric nursing

These are the fundamentals of psychiatric nursing. However, there needs to be more insight into the field of mental health care.

Perspective Of Nurses On The Importance Of Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric nursing has different categories and types. Starting from child psychology to age-old depressions, nurses are trained to deal with different types of patients. Read on to know about different perspectives of nurses according to different categories.

  • Primary care physicians: According to many Primary care physicians in the USA, people do not put any effort to treat mental illness. Physical health is directly related to mental health. Many studies revealed that when people are mentally unhappy, their physical health is affected automatically. However, many physicians reported that the rate of mental illness is twice as high as that of other diseases. The shortage of health care providers has led to an increase in patients with mental illness. Their perspective is to treat both physical and mental illnesses equally so that people can live happily. Still, there are reports that only one-third of Americans with mental problems actually receive treatment for their conditions.

  • Psychologists: According to psychologists, counselling is as essential as taking vaccines in childhood. Child psychologists feel that the mental health of a child is always vulnerable. Therefore, proper treatment is needed right from the beginning. A child should go for regular counselling, especially after joining the school. Apart from that, they also feel that many people have the wrong notion regarding people who reach out to others. Most people are of the opinion that those who go for regular counselling suffer from serious mental illness. However, the definition is something else. Counselling Relationships can be done at any point just to make sure that their mental health is perfect.

  • Psychiatric nurses: According to nurses who work in this field, handling mental illness is very tough. Nurses have to go through different types of training depending on the patients they treat. Their perspective is to bring the patients back into society. There are instances when people with mental illness are often neglected and boycotted by society. If proper treatment is provided, these people can overcome the odds and lead life like normal people.

These three perspectives provide insight into the importance of mental health and its treatment. In the absence of mental health care, it will not be possible to bestow good mental health upon the patients.

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Principles And Concepts Of Mental Health Nursing

There are different mental health principles that psychiatric nurses and mental health nurses need to follow:

These are as follows:-

  • Patients receiving mental health services should be provided assessment and treatment in the least restrictive way possible with voluntary assessment and treatment.

  • Persons receiving mental health services should be provided with those services with the aim of bringing about the best possible therapeutic outcomes and promoting recovery and full participation in community life.

  • Patients receiving mental health services should be involved in all decisions about their assessment, treatment, and recovery. They should receive support to make or participate in those decisions and their views and preferences.

  • Patients receiving mental health services should be allowed to make decisions about their assessment, treatment, and recovery that involve a lesser degree of risk.

  • Patients receiving mental health services should have their rights, dignity, and autonomy respected and promoted.

The basic concept of mental health nursing is to provide proper treatment to the people who struggle to stay in the normal world. According to recent studies, an estimated one-quarter of Americans suffer from clinical mental diseases. However, most of them fear to open their mouth and talk about their illness. The basic concept of mental health nursing is to bring people out of the thought that it is a crime to be mentally ill. There are various types of mental disorders that can be treated with the help of counselling.

The basic concept of nursing is to bring people out of every type of fear, anxiety or other disorder.  There are different ways of treating people with proper counselling. Let's have proper insight into different types of treatments to cure different mental illnesses.

Nursing Management Of Patient With Substance Use Disorder

The use of Substances is a part of many people's life. The habit can lead to serious health problems. Nurses provide care to patients involved in drug abuse. There is no denial of the fact that substance abuse is one of the most life-threatening illnesses.

Substance abuse is one of the most life-threatening illnesses worldwide that can be associated with adverse consequences related to repeated use of the substanceUntreated substance abuse might result in disturbances in social, occupational, or recreational activities. Furthermore, intoxication and withdrawal might have devastating impacts on health.

Nurses are directly involved in providing care for patients with substance abuse disorder. This type of treatment is a combination of psychiatric nursing and physiological care. Therefore, they are in a key position to help patients suffering from substance abuse. However, the role of a nurse in the assessment and management of substance abuse is not well-defined. Nurses should anticipate addiction and be aware of the risk factors. They should accurately assess patients and immediately report any signs and symptoms of addiction. Sudden change in behaviour and personality, social isolation, poor occupational performance, preoccupation with substance abuse, and sudden weight loss are among the commonly reported symptoms of substance abuse.

Psychiatric nurses treat the patient of substance abuse with care and affection. According to many nurses, patients with substance abuse need more care than others. They are not only mentally affected, but their physical health needs proper nursing as well. Furthermore, the patients who are admitted and aim to quit substance abuse can have different types of mental problems that can lead to violence. Therefore, it is important for the nurse to understand the patients and their behaviour. Psychiatric nursing, in this case, is pretty complicated and needs to be handled delicately.

Nursing Management Of Organic Brain Disorders

Organic mental disorders are behavioural or psychological disorders associated with transient or permanent brain dysfunction. There can be different categories of diseases, starting from Parkinson to Alzheimer's. There are different types of treatment for these diseases. However, the role that psychiatric nurses play is different from doctors. They are not only responsible for providing proper medication but other treatments.

The psychiatric nurses prescribe medication to the patients. Along with that, they are assigned to take proper care of the patients with counselling and other modes of communication.

What Is The Difference Between A Psychiatric Nurse And A Mental Health Nurse?

The basic difference between a psychiatric nurse and mental health are as follows:-

Mental health nurse

Psychiatric Nurse

The educational requirement of psychologists or mental health nurses is a Doctoral degree.

Associate’s, Bachelor’s Bachelors or Masters degree

Reviewing patients' files, preparing a treatment plan, counselling, consulting other medical professionals etc.

Treating patients, prescribing medication, monitoring patients, implementing therapeutic treatments, etc.

Treat patients with minimal psychological issues.

Treat patients with organic brain disorders, substance abuse, HIV, Cancer etc.

Table 2: Difference between a psychiatric nurse and a mental health nurse

Psychiatric nursing is indeed a very complicated profession and needs proper dedication to be a perfect nurse

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