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Clinical reasoning is a lengthy process of reviewing a patient's mind and body and critically evaluating it to come to conclusions. This is mostly done by nurses in the hospital for both chronic and acute cases. In cases of health escalation, the doctor is informed to take the necessary action. The clinical reasoning cycle helps nurses think critically and come to a decision regarding the patient’s health to come up with accurate solutions. Formulated by Tracey Levett Jones, this is an important segment for nurses to teach. Clinical reasoning is the mechanism to gather, interpret and analyse the data for better outcomes.

This field demands a lot of time and dedication, which can be physically and mentally straining. Students in any field face many issues in mastering their time management skills, and this course does not make it any easier. The additional burden of composing excellent assignments after clinical reasoning classes and practical sessions is not for everyone.

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Steps of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle

The Clinical Reasoning Cycle is a structured process used by healthcare professionals to make sound clinical decisions and provide optimal patient care. It typically involves the following steps:

  1. Consideration of the Patient Situation: The first step in the clinical reasoning cycle involves gathering relevant information about the patient's condition. This includes obtaining the patient's medical history, conducting physical examinations, and reviewing diagnosis test results. 
  2. Identification of Patient Problems/Issues: In this step, healthcare professionals identify and prioritise the patient's problems or issues based on the gathered information. This involves recognising the patient's healthcare needs and any deviations from normal health.
  3. Establishment of Goals: Once the problems or issues are identified, healthcare professionals, in collaboration with the patient, establish clear and achievable goals. These goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Establishing goals helps guide the direction of care and measure progress.
  4. Consideration of Possible Actions: Healthcare professionals explore the various options available for addressing the identified problems or issues. 
  5. Implementation of Interventions: In this step, healthcare professionals implement the chosen interventions or treatments. They may administer medications, perform procedures, provide education, or offer other forms of therapeutic interventions. 
  6. Evaluation of Outcomes: Following the implementation of interventions, healthcare professionals evaluate the outcomes to determine their effectiveness in addressing the identified problems or issues. 

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The Importance of Clinical Reasoning Cycles

Clinical reasoning cycles are the conceptual framework in the healthcare industry. Although it is a lengthy process, students in this area need to be consistent and determined to grow their knowledge. Here is its significance: 

  1. Structured Decision-Making: Clinical reasoning cycles offer a structured approach to decision-making and critical thinking. This ensures that healthcare professionals consider all relevant information before making decisions about patient care. 
  2. Comprehensive Patient Care: Through clinical reasoning cycles, healthcare professionals can systematically gather, assess, and analyse patient data, including symptoms, medical history, and test results. This comprehensive approach enables them to develop a holistic understanding of the patient’s condition, leading to more effective care plans.
  3. Identification of Patient Needs: The cycles help identify the patient's health and other concerns. By employing clinical reasoning cycles, healthcare professionals can accurately determine the primary issues and conclusions. This patient-centered approach improves patient outcomes and satisfaction.
  4. Enhanced Communication: The use of clinical reasoning cycles promotes effective communication among healthcare team members. It provides a common framework and language for discussing patient cases, facilitating collaboration and ensuring that everyone involved in patient care is on the same page.
  5. Risk Reduction: Clinical reasoning cycles help reduce the risk of errors and adverse events by employing a systematic approach to decision-making. Healthcare professionals can identify potential risks and take appropriate measures to mitigate them, ensuring patient safety.

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Application of Clinical Reasoning Cycle

The Clinical Reasoning Cycle is an essential tool in healthcare, providing a systematic approach to problem-solving and decision-making in clinical practice. It is widely applied across various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and community health centres. Here are some key applications of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle:

  1. Diagnosis Process and Treatment Planning: Healthcare professionals use the Clinical Reasoning Cycle to diagnose and plan treatment methods. By gathering relevant information about the patient's condition, identifying problems, considering possible actions, and implementing interventions, they can develop a comprehensive and effective care plan.
  2. Chronic Disease Management: In chronic disease management, such as diabetes, hypertension, or asthma, the Clinical Reasoning Cycle is applied to monitor and adjust treatment plans over time. By regularly assessing the patient's condition, setting goals, and implementing interventions, healthcare professionals can effectively manage chronic diseases and improve patient outcomes.
  3. Emergency Care: In emergency care settings, the Clinical Reasoning Cycle is used to assess and address urgent medical needs quickly. Healthcare professionals gather information and, based on their research findings and evidence, suggest a satisfactory emergency medicine. Regular evaluation of the patient's response to treatment guides further action.
  4. Rehabilitation Services: Clinical reasoning cycles are utilised in rehabilitation services to develop and adjust individualised treatment plans for patients recovering from injuries, surgeries, or other health conditions. 

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Concept of Tracy Levett Jones's Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Tracy Levett-Jones’s Clinical Reasoning Cycle is the conceptual framework in healthcare education. It provides a systematic approach to critical thinking, the diagnosis of patients, the process to be carried out, and the medicine to be prescribed for good health. The cycle consists of seven key phases:

  1. The first phase involves gathering information about the patient's condition and having a research journal with all the findings. Nurses should assess the patient's medical history, conduct physical processes to gather evidence and review diagnosis results.
  2. In this phase, nurses interpret and review the collected data to identify the patient's health problems or issues. This involves recognising the patient's healthcare needs, concerns, and any deviations from normal health.
  3. Based on the research findings and evidence accumulated, nurses identify and prioritise the patient's problems or issues. This helps them prescribe suitable medicine, diagnose the process, and state the factors concerning it.
  4. Once the problems or issues are identified, nurses establish clear and achievable goals in collaboration with the patient. They should use their knowledge and experience to distinguish the factors based on evidence and findings and reach a final conclusion. 
  5. In this phase, nurses develop and implement a plan of care to address the identified problems or issues. This involves considering evidence-based interventions, discussing potential treatment options, suggesting appropriate medicine and determining the most appropriate course of action based on the patient's needs and preferences.

This is the conceptual framework in the medical field, helping one apply one's practice of medicine and save a life. But this is not easy however, professionals at our clinical reasoning cycle help Australia can make it easy for you.

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