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What is a Psychology Case Study?

A psychology case document or study is a comprehensive research material that focuses on a single person, community, or event. It relies solely on hard-hitting facts, observations, and experiments to accumulate relatable information.

Field Psychologists Gather Case Data Using the Following Approaches.

  • Interviews
  • Psychometric testing
  • Observations
  • Experiments
  • And existing case data archives.

Such documents explore psychological procedures and behavioural patterns to generate data for future research on certain conditions, communities, or scenarios. At times, the case may also observe and evaluate all the facets of a candidate's behaviour and life.  Students may even be required to craft a compelling case study project on the assigned topic based on whatever lessons they have learned in class. Using the acquired course lessons, earners apply their know-how in similar real-time scenarios or on proposed hypotheses. 

Benefits of Crafting Psychological Case Studies as Course Assignments

  • Students learn to analyse various conditions and behaviours that are otherwise difficult to replicate in lab settings.
  • It helps candidates develop extra insights on some phenomenon for other field exponents to clearly follow.
  • It lets students accumulate and record data pertaining to rare cases or conditions.
  • It helps candidates discover fresh insights or evidence to authenticate relatable psychological hypotheses.
  • When uncovering truthful facts and data about the human psyche, candidates learn about the darker facets of the mind.

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How to Write a Psychology Case Study?

Create the Subject Profile 

Use historical case studies and additional data to augment the research. Use various research sources, such as archival records, observations, interviews, participant observations, and personal items. 

Pick a Suitable Case Research Approach

Depending on the topic and profile, pick a suitable case research approach, such as the prospective method (observing the group or individual to determine the study's outcome) or the retrospective method (using historical information to figure out the reasons for an outcome).

Gather the History of the Case

Consider all key parameters like employment status, age, gender, addiction history, mental health record, social and relationship status, life challenges, coping skills, life objectives, personal weaknesses, strengths, etc.

Identify the Problem 

Next, you identify the existing problem or individual's symptoms. For documentation, focus on emotions, physical or sensory symptoms, thoughts, concerns, and perceptions. Also, provide details of tests or diagnostic experiments that examine the processes and outcomes.

Analyse Collected Data and Share a Diagnosis

Analyze all collected data and provide a concrete diagnosis. Add supporting evidence and explain each step of the adopted research methodology. Also, include the challenges faced when achieving the diagnosis.

Pick a Treatment Plan

Typically, you can pick these treatment approaches - Cognitive-behavioural, Humanistic, Psychoanalytical, and Pharmacological!

Prepare for Discussion

Lastly, leave space for a final discussion on the study. Add details about the study's limitations, how findings support previous research, and other critical facets. 

Get access to case study template psychology samples today!

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We Cover Various Types of Psychology Case Studies

We cover the following genres. 


Collective case reports examine a group of people in a certain setting or a whole community. Such reports evaluate data pertaining to an individual component or case first before drawing comparisons with other case documents.


Descriptive case studies examine the background of an individual or group of people and describe the narrative of how they tackled occurring problems. Such reports coherently describe all policies, tools, and concepts relating to the problem. 


Explanatory case studies present an initially obvious explanation of the How and Why of the cause behind some phenomenon. Typically, such documents are used to study a real-time event or situation. 


An exploratory case study is primarily a research procedure that aims to provide an in-depth comprehension of a specific topic or phenomenon. Typically, you perform a detailed exploration of the case to find fresh theories, evidence, or insights.


An instrumental case studies focus on a particular subject or case to acquire insights into broader concepts or hypotheses. 


An intrinsic case study is one in which the researcher has a personal interest in the subject (e.g., their own children, someone close, or a group with a similar/relatable condition of personal experience). 

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 Psychology Case Study Examples for All Australian Students? is the most trusted platform for students to secure numerous case study examples in psychology, along with personalised mentoring and guidance to craft the assigned case reports properly within the specified time limit.

Our existing case study format psychology samples are plagiarism-free, accurately cited and referenced, and loaded with relatable, authentic facts pertaining to the chosen topic coverage. 

Some Recent Psychology Case Reports That We Have Helped Students on Are as Follows!

'Anno O' Case Report – Otherwise a pseudonym of Bertha Pappenheim and a patient of Josef Breuer, Anno O suffered frequent bouts of hysteria. Josef used a talk therapy approach to bring about improvements in her mental well-being.

'Phineas Gage' Case Report – Gage was a railroad employee who incurred several severe injuries through an explosion that sent a metal rod right through his skill. The incident caused personality and behavioural changes in the subject's life despite surviving the incident. 

'Chris Sizemore' Case Report – Chris Costner Sizemore was famous for his controversial diagnostic criteria of MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), now known as DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Displaying 3 alter egos, Chris used these as a coping mechanism against her childhood trauma (witnessing her mom severely injured and a man sawed in half at a lumber mill).

Several such psychology case study analysis example exists in our resource collection. Sign up today for our psychology assignment help and access all samples.

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Why Australian Students Need Psychology Case Study Help?

Students in Australia seek case study help on vivid psychology topics for various reasons. Below, we highlight 10 common reasons.

  • To easily connect with the brightest and most experienced psychology tutors in Australia.
  • To identify relevant case study questions psychology topics.
  • To secure high-quality case study samples on vivid psychology topics.
  • To produce flawless, well-researched, organised, and plagiarism-free case study assignments from scratch.
  • To ease their case-study workload and focus on other subject learning.
  • To complete the pending task within the specified time frame.
  • To get personalised emergency doubt clarifications on the pending case study project.
  • To get customised editing and proofreading assistance on the compiled work.
  • To include in-text citations and create a reference list in the appropriate format.
  • To secure an A or A+ in their submitted case study assignment and become a class topper.

If any of these reasons apply to you, then we recommend you hire our psychology tutor for 360-degree case study tutoring and instructions.

Besides presenting you with case study help on diverse psychology topics, our elite panel of subject specialists also offers the following –

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How Does A Case Study Research Method Work?

The research method is one of the most crucial aspects of any case report assignment (be it psychology or any other subject). Preserving our attention to psychological case assignment, each respective researcher has a distinctive way of adapting to the applicable research approach suiting the investigation. 

Common Researching Approaches to Adopt!

  • Observe the routines of a person or group.
  • Conduct unstructured interviews with the chief participant using notes, letters, and views from their close acquaintances.
  • Accumulating information via various official documents such as appraisal reports, clinical notes, case files, etc.
  • Refer to numerical data wherever applicable.

Using the listed case research approaches, you can generate the information you need for your pending assignment. Some choose to stick to qualitative measures like accumulating data via interviews and observations. Of course, you may also collect various numeric data to strengthen their compiled case report and make a crucial impact on the target readers. 

If you seek tutoring and guidance for your case study research, sign up at our website and connect with our psychological specialists today. They will work closely with you through the whole process and help you gather crucial data and analyse them properly. 

In addition to helping you with the research work, our psychological specialists will also help you identify the main issue, analyse the underlying causes of the issue, discover alternate solutions via logical reasoning and observations, and present feasible solutions.

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Different Psychology Case Study Formats Available to Us

Book our help for all genres of case study format psychology assignments.

Illustrative Case Study

Illustrative case reports describe one or more events in a situation. Experts consider such reports to be descriptive documents explaining the 'What' and 'Why' of some phenomenon or circumstance. Simply put, they familiarise readers with an unfamiliar circumstance.

Take, for example, a medical case study that focuses on a particular patient's ailment or human behavior or a business case report on the organization's specific strategy or the broader market. 

Cumulative Case Study

Cumulative case documents study the collective data from various sites accumulated at vivid times. Respective evaluators focus on such case reports as an evaluative design and, accordingly, determine the appropriate research approach and questions with answers to present a generalisation of the phenomena. In fact, cumulative research is included as one of the major case studies in qualitative research. 

For Example, Field psychologists may explore ways to access community resources that have affected the collective mental well-being of its residents.

Exploratory Case Study

An exploratory case study denotes a research modus operandi (or methodology) that helps achieve an in-depth understanding of a specific topic or spectacle. Psychologists are also required to use their critical thinking competencies to generate fresh insights.

Take, for example, a specific automobile that had repeated crashes, all of which resulted from brakes not being effective on icy roads. 

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Why Students Select Us for Psychology Case Study Help Services?

Several students function better with the help of expert compiled case study examples with solutions. It allows candidates to understand specific research methods and use direct observation to compile a case study in psychology from scratch.

Hence, they turn to to get customised case study assignment help and relevant reference samples. If you are a first-time visitor to our platform, the following explains why students trust us for our psychology case study guidance and solutions.

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  • One-to-One Doubt Clarifications—Whether you need clear explanations of a particular case history, treatment plan, or descriptive theory on a particular phenomenon, you can easily connect with our case study specialists for one-to-one sessions. 

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If you've been searching for reliable psychology case study help, trust to come to the rescue. Each of our psychology experts has a Master's or PhD certificate. Plus, they have plenty of experience tutoring and mentoring students to compile quality case studies on various topics within tight schedules. 

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The best way to find a reliable and certified expert to deliver you tailored psychology case study help is by signing up with We have a revered panel of psychology specialists offering help with case studies and all other assignment genres. 


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Indeed, we follow all the correct rules when conducting in-depth research for psychology case studies. We also help you develop relevant research questions for the assigned case study. 


Sign up for our psychology case study tutoring and writing assistance and ease your endeavors without compromising any ethical considerations. 

What Are the Advantages of a Case Study in Psychology? arrow

  • It allows you to record and observe crucial information about rare, unethical, or impractical conditions. This information could relate to real-life situations or some pre-existing theory.
  • It helps illuminate new psychological research, grounded theory, or even future research relevant to the field.
  • Furthermore, it allows one to develop a hypothesis for the entire community to study and add more to it for future references

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    We at help you compile psychology case studies on various topics without a trace of duplicate content. Our chosen specialist will help you include in-text citations and a reference list in the specified format. Plus, they will scan your written case study extensively for plagiarism traces using quality plagiarism detection software. 


    Upon discovery, the expert helps you remove all existing duplications and re-scan the file. If nothing is found, they download a detailed originality report and email it with the prepared paper for your final checking. 

    What Is the Typical Process for Requesting and Receiving Help with A Psychology Case Study? arrow

    The process of securing our psychology case study help is straightforward.

    • You fill out the order form and provide all writing requirements and other specifics, such as word count, topic, deadline, urgency, etc.
    • Next, you pay the service charge using our safe and reliable payment gateways. 
    • Once the amount reflects on our end, we assign a competent and experienced subject expert to help you grasp the case study project and start it immediately.
    • Finally, our case study expert emails the compiled solution within your specified time limit. Review it carefully and check if reworks are needed. 

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