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Psychology Case Study Examples With Solutions

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Psychology Case Study

A psychology case study allows you to take all the theories you've learnt in class and apply them to in-depth research into a real-life or hypothetical situation. The idea behind these case studies is to check how far the theory is applicable in similar real-life situations and provide students with valuable first-hand experience.

For those who might wonder, "What is a case study in psychology?" the most straightforward answer would be – "It is an in-depth investigation into the case of an individual, group, event or community."

What Is A Psychology Case Study Research Method?

A psychology case study allows you to research into great details of a topic. Hence, every researcher has a unique way of adopting the research methods to suit their investigations.

However, among all the psychology case study methods, some of the common ones are:

  1. Observations of a person or group's routines
  2. Conducting unstructured interviews with the participant through notes, letters, their close ones, etc.
  3. Gathering information through various official documents like clinical notes, appraisal reports, and case files
  4. Taking numerical data where applicable

Researchers generally use these case study methods in psychology to generate the information they need. Some researchers prefer to stick to qualitative measures such as observations and interviews. However, you'll find many who gather numerical data to strengthen their case study further.

How Is A Psychology Case Study Conducted?

Psychology case studies are detailed investigations into the psyche of the observed individual. Thus, if you go through every case study in psychology samples, you'll notice that most of the information you can gather is through observations and interviews.

  • Observations: Out of all the methods available, professional psychologists choose to observe a person's daily routines and habits to gather information. This observation usually lasts for a few months or years and can help you gain much information on the individual or group you're studying.
  • Interviews: Interviews are another method to gather crucial information for your case study. You can conduct direct interviews with the case study subject(s) and take the help of indirect interviews. The latter consists of interviewing close family and friends of the individual or groups under observation, going through their daily notes, journals, letters, etc.

How To Find And Analyse Psychology Case Study Data?

The best way to gather data for any psychology case study is through simple methods like:

  • Observation
  • Direct interviews
  • Indirect interviews
  • Official records
  • Psychometric tests

Once you have gathered your data, it is crucial to analyse them properly. Going through some psychology case study examples, you'll notice that it is easier to divide this stage into five simple steps.

  1. Identify the main problem
  2. Analyse the underlying issues that lead to the problem
  3. Come up with alternate solutions through logical reasoning and observations
  4. Provide the possible recommendations and solutions
  5. Present your study in the correct format

Benefits And Limitations Of Psychology Case Studies

Researchers have praised and critiqued psychology case studies over the ages for various reasons. The reasons for each side are logical, and it is up to you to determine the actual value of such case studies.

  1. Benefits of Psychology Case Studies
  • The in-depth approach into the psyche of human beings helps to shed light on the darker aspects of the mind
  • Case studies provide the insight you need to conduct further research
  • You can generate new ideas while working on your case study
  1. Limitations of Psychology Case Studies
  • Any example of a case study in psychology is enough to see that this kind of study is highly time-consuming.
  • You cannot use your findings for generalisation
  • Researcher bias can limit the objectivity of the case study

What Is An Example Of A Case Study In Psychology?

You will come across case study examples in Psychology that are bound to strike your interest.

For example, let's have a look at a few popular case studies in the subject:

  1. The Case Of Phineas Gage: Phineas Gage, a railroad employee, suffered severe injuries when an explosion sent a metal rod straight through his skull. As a result, Gage was left to deal with personality and behavioural changes despite surviving the blast.
  2. The Case of Little Hans: In Analysis of a Phobia in a Five-year-old Boy, Sigmund Freud explored the case of Little Hans, a 5-year-old child who had developed a fear of horses. While the initial aim was to treat him of this phobia of horses, Freud became more interested in the case as it presented him with a far more complex situation than anyone had initially assumed.
  3. The Case of Anna O: Anna O, the pseudonym of Bertha Pappenheim, was a patient of Josef Breuer. She has frequent bouts of hysteria that seemed to become better when Bertha talked about her problems. This case helped put forward talk therapy as a valid approach to treat mental health

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Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

    Q.1: What Is A Case Study In Psychology?

    Ans: A case study in psychology is a detailed psychological analysis of an individual, group, event or community. This study covers nearly all aspects of a person's life and analyses their history and behaviours to find patterns that can help answer the underneath problems.

    However, psychology case studies are usually highly subjective, and therefore, you cannot use the results for generalisation regarding individuals or communities.

    Q.2: How To Write A Case Study In Psychology?

    Ans: You can write a psychology case study in two ways:

    • By using the reflective approach
    • By using the retrospective approach

    In the reflective case study method, you would depend on observations to find more details about the case you're studying. However, the retrospective method focuses on the available information on hand to determine the cause of an ailment. Hence, our tutors at offer you help with both approaches.

    Q.3: How Do You Write A Psychology Case Study?

    Ans: Writing a case study isn't challenging as long as you follow specific steps, such as:

    • Describe the situation in detail so the readers are aware of the case background
    • Provide a detailed case history of your subject
    • Give a thorough description of the problem, including the significantly visible symptoms
    • Come up with a viable solution in response to the problem provides you with the ultimate step-by-step guide so you won't forget about missing crucial details in your psychology case study.

    Q.4: What Is A Case Study, And How Is It Used In Psychology?

    Ans: A case study is an investigation that dives deep into an individual's life and history to find recognisable behaviour patterns. It is possible to find case studies in all subjects such as law, medicine, business, social sciences, etc. Researchers use various observation methods in psychology to determine certain behaviours and reconstruct the subject's 'case history'.

    This detailed observation period can last for months, making it difficult for most students to continue their other responsibilities. Hence, is there to share the responsibility to ensure a high-quality assignment.

    Q.5: What Are The Advantages Of A Case Study In Psychology?

    Ans: Psychology case studies are the perfect opportunity for researchers to conduct a multi-approach investigation to understand various aspects of the human psyche.

    Some of its most significant advantages are:

    • It helps you generate new ideas
    • Crucial to determining how the human mind affects their behaviour
    • Provides insights into the "odd" behaviours of human beings
    • Has scopes for further investigations

    Q.6: Where Can I Get A Psychologist For Psychology Case Study Help?

    Ans: Generally, drafting a psychology case study is stressful and tiring. However, it is easier to manage the task when consulting professional tutors who have practical knowledge in the field.

    Hence, is the leading assignment help service in Australia, Canada, the US and the UK that promises to provide you with professional psychologists to assist you in your case study writing.

    Q.7: Who Provides Plagiarism-Free Psychology Case Study Examples With Solutions?

    Ans: You don't have to look any further than if you wish to find a professional who can provide you with plagiarism-free psychology case study examples with solutions. We take strict measures to ensure and assist you in writing everything from scratch so that the answers you create are unique and well-researched.

    Furthermore, our seasoned instructors collaborate with professional psychologists to ensure no scope of error in guiding you.

    Q.8: How Can I Find Someone To Do A Case Study On Psychology?

    Ans: In the day of technology, finding an expert to help you write a psychology case study is at the tip of your fingers. When you type " psychology case study online", you'll come across the most in-demand tutoring service among students worldwide. However, why do you need someone to write your papers when you can learn to do it all yourself.

    All you have to do is submit your case study session requirements through the chatbot or online form, and you will be connected to a trainer shortly.

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