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Modern Nursing: Challenges, Practices, Opportunities

UserMin Seow time19 March,2024
Contemporary Nursing

Contemporary Nursing

Nursing is a noble profession where individuals dedicate their lives to offering intensive medical care and facilities to patients in need. Today, there’s a stark rise in the popularity of contemporary nursing due to the lucrative opportunities this career line is deemed to offer. However, most students need help to overcome the challenges in nursing assignments and often need assistance from subject matter experts.

If you can relate, you can approach the tutors for assistance only at Most tutors are real-life nursing specialists thorough with the requirements and challenges of contemporary nursing courses and practices. With their support and tutorials, you can gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary nursing issues and practices and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for a contemporary nurse.

What Is Contemporary Nursing?

Many of you may wonder, “what is contemporary nursing?” Well, contemporary nursing is about having critical research documents related to the objectives, work methodology, research methods, adopted solutions, assumptions and expected results for theoretical and practical needs. Unquestionably, the study demands an in-depth understanding of contemporary nursing practices, issues and various medical facilities.

However, since most students lack extensive knowledge of the nursing issues and probable challenges in nursing, they struggle to overcome the challenges the contemporary nursing assignments possess and seek additional support from subject matter experts. At, you will get highly knowledgeable, skilled and trained nursing tutors and professionals to guide you through difficult tasks. The tutors will teach you and assist you in creating A1 quality contemporary nursing papers per the given referencing style.

Contemporary Nursing Practice Examples

Referring to contemporary nursing practice examples is crucial when working on contemporary nursing assignments because it allows you to make your solutions evidence-based while highlighting the theoretical practices and showcasing your knowledge proficiency.

But the thing is, creating an evidence-based contemporary assignment has its challenges. As a student new to contemporary nursing, it can become overwhelming to create a quality paper from scratch without the support of a subject matter specialist. Thankfully, you have to rely upon for extensive guidance with contemporary nursingassignments. Just share your requirements with our tutors and learn the art of creating flawless papers referring to contemporary nursing practice examples.

What Is Contemporary Nursing Practice?

Now, what is contemporary nursing practice? Contemporary nursing is about offering intensive medical care to patients. As per the records, the healthcare system is likely to witness a 20% growth in employment, opening more scopes for aspiring contemporary nurses to create a career in this line of service. That said, you must understand that contemporary nursing is rewarding and taxing at the same time. For detailed information about contemporary nursing, practices and issues, you can consult the subject tutors at

Here, the tutors leave no pages unturned to make sure every student gains a clear knowledge of the primary contemporary nursing concepts and guides students to create stellar papers from scratch. Having our tutors for customised guidance will allow you to understand the subject and retrieve relevant information from credible sources. Hence, consult our certified contemporary nursing tutors immediately if you wish to make your papers look data-rich and persuasive.

List Of Contemporary Issues In Nursing

Although contemporary nursing offers several lucrative opportunities to students, it’s important to acknowledge the typical contemporary nursing issues. Here is a list of contemporary issues in nursing:

  • Hectic schedules with tight working hours– One of the main contemporary issues in nursing is long and extended working hours, making it difficult for nurses to maintain a work-life balance and manage their work effectively.
  • Insufficient compensation– A contemporary nurse manages many important works in a hospital and spends long hours assessing patients. Despite so, nurses don’t make a good living and find it difficult to meet their expenses with limited compensation.
  • Hostile behaviour from patients – Dealing with patients with different medical issues, mentality and temperaments is no cakewalk. Some patients get pretty violent and misbehave with nurses for no reason. In such cases, it becomes challenging for nurses to explain the situation and calm patients.
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals and contagious diseases – Contemporary nursesare the most active workers in a hospital, handling different tasks. So it’s evident that they are easily exposed to hazardous chemicals and conditions. Yet, the nurses never complain and continue with their duties.
  • Poor nurse-patient ratio– Most hospitals are now focused on investing in modern healthcare technologies and making budget cuts in the workforce sector. This has created an imbalance in the nurse-patient ratio. Because of the shortage, existing nurses are overburdened with duties, and patients feel neglected.

These are some of the major contemporary issues in nursing that the medical sector should solve. If you want guidance to create a well-researched paper on nursing issues, get in touch with the nursing tutors at Whether you need an essay on contemporary issues in nursing in PDF or word, you will get what you want in just a few clicks.

Contemporary Challenges Examples is one of the most trusted platforms for tutoring nursing subjects. You can hire the best tutors from top-tier nursing schools and organisations to understand the contemporary nursing meaning, the challenges in nursing, the role of a contemporary nurse and more. The tutors will help you curate quality papers with tables, diagrams, graphs, illustrations, screenshots, statistical representations, live links, and more.

Factors Influencing Contemporary Nursing Practice

Let’s now look at the factors influencing contemporary nursing practices:

  • Changes in society
  • Changes in professions
  • Developments in other disciplines
  • Patients Bill of Rights
  • Leadership within the profession
  • Advanced specialisation in nursing education and practice
  • Working and studying overseas
  • Latest trends in different countries
  • Changing job roles and functions
  • Working conditions

For detailed information about each of the factors influencing contemporary practices in nursing, sign up with right away.

Contemporary Nursing Practice Essay

Writing a flawless essay on contemporary practice in nursing or the challenges in nursing can get overwhelming when you don’t have the right resources or lack knowledge or skills. On the contrary, writing a paper on the current issues in nursing can become manageable when you have the right guidance. At, the nursing tutors understand the requirements of a good contemporary nursing paper and dedicatedly guide students so there’s a clear interpretation of data.

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