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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Assignment

UserMin Seow time28 December,2023
10-Common-Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Assignmen

Writing an assignment is not an easy job. There are numerous elements to academic assignment writing that students fail to realize.

Usually, students put their best foot forward, yet they cannot understand why they are unable to get good grades. Lately, if you have found yourself in the same spot, then there are certain essential aspects to consider.

You may have come across various assignment writing tips to date, but here, we have listed the top mistakes students make in their assignments. If this sounds like something will need in the future, then keep on reading:

1) Lack of time management

One of the issues that students face in their academic life is lack of time. Some students realize how grave this situation can be, which is why they have a proper routine. On the other hand, those who do not, are bound to miss their deadlines and mess up their study schedule.

There is not one particular assignment but tons of assignments that students need to do and deliver on the same deadline. And all of them can be of different types and different subjects. While one can be English coursework, the other can be a science term paper.

Hence, a proper routine to manage things can avoid confusion and upgrade their time management skills, thereby enhancing productivity.

2) Not familiar with the topic

When students have to work on many assignments daily, it becomes very obvious that they try to complete them as soon as possible. In this rush, they often fail to get clarity on the topic. Often, it is too late, and the entire paper can be built on the wrong foundation.
Students should take time to break down the topic and understand it before getting into the writing part. As the grades start increasing, there will be more tricky topics along the way. Some topics can have multiple layers which a pupil should break down first and get familiar with to build a relevant paper for the readers.

3) Poor or no research

Once you have decoded the assignment’s needs, it is time to move on to the next step i.e. researching. Students who go lazy here are bound to submit papers that may be incomplete or lack potential. Research is a make-it-or-break-it situation for any student.

Those who spend endless hours researching are bound to add better details to their work. Not only this they will be exposed to endless slants, outlines, ideas and information. This can help them frame their work to stand out from the rest. Sometimes, two students work on the same topic, yet one stands out more than the other. One major reason contributing to this is effective research. Take this step as your priority to make your work insightful, as readers love gaining new knowledge.

4) No hook to the plot

In today’s time, there are multiple ways of grasping information. Due to low attention span reading and writing are not highly appreciated.

Even the methods for learning and reading have been improvised to keep learners engaged. Under such circumstances, when students are asked to write, they have little to no idea of how to engage readers through their writing skills.

Again, poor writing style with no hook can be a big mistake since papers that do not attract readers get low grades. There should be a certain hook to the topic. This can be a startling fact, statistics, real-life events, and shedding light on the unknown. A hook should be added initially to keep the readers interested.

Also, this should be maintained throughout the work visually and strategically, or it can lose readers along the way.

5) Too wordy

Adding too many words to the paper to make it interesting does not always work in favor. Students who are in middle school should avoid sophisticated words, and they should keep their work simple for other readers. Adding too many words that exceed the word count may act as fillers, which again is a big no-no.

Apart from word fillers, one should also be aware of using appropriate language. Formal and academic language is majorly accepted in case of assignment. Avoid using too casual or foul language, especially with academic writing.

6) Lack of evidence or wrong evidence

There can also be times when a particular student may add wrong or no evidence at all. While adding evidence is not mandatory, it always validates the topic and strengthens the case of the writer. But while the internet is overfilled with so much information the chances of finding the correct data from the correct source is very slim.

Remember, it is always the writer’s job to ensure that the information they provide is legit with no loopholes. Using evidence also allows the audience to connect with the topic on deeper levels. If lucky enough, a recent instance can appeal to readers who wish to know more which will hook them until the end. As much as it is important to add evidence, it is also important to add the right one.

7) No referencing

Another major mistake students tend to commit is not citing your papers. Plagiarism is a serious offence, and every student is aware of it. Yet, there are times when students do not take this seriously.

Students often get inspiration from other sites and journals while writing papers. Gaining ideas and inspiration is acceptable, but when students do not give credit to the original writer, they face plagiarism issues.

Plagiarism is an academic offense that is considered as stealing others’ content. This is why students always need to give credit to the original writer and site that is used. There are various reference styles to follow, and students can pick one that they find easy.

Luckily, there is a solution for students who hate to cite or are fairly new in this area. They can use free online tools to cite their papers. Once they get their hands on professional tools which performs an outstanding job, there will be no room for any error.

8) Poor proofreading skills

Proofreading is a big part of writing assignments. Usually when writing is completed students have no interest and energy to review their entire paper. This is why the first tip of time management is crucial to keep everything under control. After you complete the writing segment, take ample time to review and edit your work.

There can be minute mistakes in spelling and overall presentation, which need to be fixed. New and updated information can be added to your topic. You can also remove misleading data. Final check-ups before the submission help in adding finishing touches to the paper.

Students who are average proofreaders can get help from friends and family whose suggestions can improve the quality of the work.

9) Avoiding general mistakes

A huge thing to look out for when writing is avoiding general instructions. Every assignment comes with certain guidelines. This can be a submission date, avoiding certain topics, formatting style, and more. Remember that you are submitting your work to the professor, and if you do not obey them, the consequences can be hard to bear.

While reviewing the work, one should also cross-check if the paper aligns with all the guidelines provided. If not, make changes accordingly to avoid reworks later.

10) Not asking for help

Students hesitate while asking for help, which is one of the biggest mistakes they can make. Certain topics, assignment types and outlines can be difficult to do alone. When facing difficulties, students should confide in others to get their problem solved.

Most students reach out to their professors, but if you are uncomfortable doing so, you can contact your friends, siblings, and even family. They can help you comprehend the topic, outline, write and basically with everything. Students should be open to asking questions and getting feedback because this is how they grow.

While writing assignments, one should be conscious of these mistakes listed above. Awareness can help one save time and effort. Also, once you stop making these mistakes, the road to academic success is guaranteed.

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