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CHCCOM005 Overview: Health & Community Services Communication

UserChristine Williams time07 September,2023
Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services

The course unit CHCCOM005 is professional module offered by the Victoria University. What it aims is to provide you a professional understanding of workplace communication.

Here, you will receive CHCCOM005 learner guide, which is the foundation. It covers the various types of knowledge and abilities necessary for productive communication. In fact, you work on communicative skills to deal with management, customers, co-workers, and other business professionals.

This unit is designed on a practically approach. Hence, you will directly get the essence of industry culture.

Let’s give you a tour –

As a trainee, you will become familiar with a variety of community and health services. For instance, the unit will train you as how employees can interact with clients in person. Moreover, you will get etiquette sessions on message exchange over the phone, through email, or even with various digital media while being overseen by seniors.

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Major Key elements students should cover CHCCOM005

Like any other assignments, for the unit of CHCCOM005, you have understand certain elements. Wandering what are they? Let’s say, they key elements of CHCCOM005 are the features of this course programmer.

Below is the table to give you a better understanding –

Communicate effectively with peopleYou must establish understanding and show respect by communicating both verbally and nonverbally.Provide clear and understandable service information communicationExamine the person’s understandingPay attention to requests, decipher meaning, and give appropriate responsesTransmit information clearly, promptly, and in accordance with confidentiality guidelines.
Collaborate with colleaguesTimeframes for following workplace directions should be listened to, explained, and agreed upon.Establish communication channels between the organisation and other services.In all forms of communication—oral, written, and digital—use appropriate industry language.Abide by the communication rules that are relevant to interactions with various persons and hierarchies
Address constraints to communicationRecognise the early warning indicators of potentially complex or challenging circumstances and report them in accordance with company policies.Determine the real barriers to effective communication, and then address them with the proper approaches and strategies.Make use of communication abilities to prevent, diffuse, and settle disputes
Report problems to supervisorConsider legal and ethical obligations, and talk to your supervisor about any problems.Send the proper individuals a report of any violation, noncompliance with established processes, or negative events.Issues affecting the fulfilment of employee, employer, and/or client rights and obligations should be reported.Submit unresolved disputes to your supervisor
Complete workplace correspondence and documentationComplete paperwork in accordance with statutory requirements and administrative guidelinesRead role-related workplace documents and clarify your comprehension with your supervisor.Complete workplace written and electronic papers in accordance with organisation standards.Observe the organisation’s digital media usage regulations and processes.When documenting occurrences, use language that is precise, impartial, and straightforward.
Contribute to continuous improvementParticipate in identifying and advocating for changes to workplace procedures.In compliance with organisational regulations, encourage and serve as an example of adjustments to better work practises and processes.Ask the right individuals for their feedback and recommendations on how to improve your knowledge and competence.Talk with your boss about your alternatives for taking advantage of chances for skill development, then take action.

The above elements on CHCCOM005 Communicate and Work in Health and Community Services, will be your primary concerns for the assessment. Apart from that, below are the areas you have to focus practically for your paper –

  • You must have understanding on community and health services terms as used in the sector to describe roles and services
  • Verbal communication, grammar, quickness, and pronunciation
  • Understanding of when to use nonverbal cues and how to do so
  • The structure, purpose, and connections between the various components of the health and community services system
  • A structure for the company and many models to support the best client service;
  • Web, email, social media, podcasts, videos, tablets, applications, newsletters and broadcasts, as well as intranet etc. as part of the digital media in the community services and health sectors.

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Frequently Questions Asked By Student

What part does communication play in the medical field?

The dynamic between the patient and the physician can benefit from effective communication in many different ways. Patients may be able to adopt proactive health and wellness practices if they are better informed about their own health.

What forms of communication are there in the medical field?

Although there are many different kinds of healthcare communication systems, they can be divided into three groups: provider-to-provider, provider-to-patient, and internal.

What components make up healthcare communication?

The sender, language, environment, the receiver, and feedback are the five components of effective communication. In fact, these elements are also covered in the aspects of communication in healthcare training courses.

What are the three components of good health care communication?

Meeting the patient at eye level, maintaining eye contact, and making affirming gestures are all essential to good communication.

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