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An Overview of CHCDEV002

UserChristine Williams time07 September,2023
CHCDEV002 Assessment Answers

The course explores the skills and knowledge necessary to function independently, plan, and undertake community work and other services. You will get to know the application of knowledge in broad social and cultural contexts. Students pursuing the course will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for planning and implementing things in the community services industry.

Students who are willing to understand their clients and issues impacting the lives of clients and service delivery can gain the necessary knowledge by studying this course. You need to understand the essence of the course and how it will help in the long run. Selecting the right university is crucial to learn the lessons well.

You need to know how to implement the various things in real life and work on the tasks accordingly. There will be a lot of assignments, and you need to be on top of the same to score well in the papers.

Key Elements Students Should Cover in CHCDEV002

It is crucial to know the key elements of CHCDEV002 before you start studying the course. Here’s a look into the major elements:

  • Identify social and cultural issues that impact the clients in Australian society

Learn all about the major social and cultural institutions in Australia and their functions

  • Understanding the influence of social and cultural factors on clients

You must understand and use the existing information to identify and analyse the various social and cultural factors influencing people.

  • Monitoring the impact of social and cultural factors on community work and services offered to clients

It is crucial to learn about the ways to monitor the work undertaken or services provided to clients and their impact.

You need to learn all these things to grab the right opportunities and find correct CHCDEV002 assessment answers.

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CHCDEV002 Assessment Details

The assessment tasks are designed to help students gain proper knowledge and put them to the test. Students are expected to highlight their learnings to prove their understanding. The universities offering this course will test your understanding before giving you the degree. You can expect to be tested on these skills:

  • Advising, referring or providing at least three clients with access to services on the basis of socio-cultural data gathered
  • Ability to investigate and understand the effectiveness of work or services offered to clients
  • Performing the activities as mentioned in the course is a critical criterion for assessment

You will also be expected to reflect on your knowledge on:

  • The ways social and cultural institutions function in Australian society
  • The factors that contribute to client experiences in relation to inequality and expected effects and consequences on their role in society
  • Your knowledge of the effects and results of unemployment on clients and society
  • A proper understanding of contemporary frameworks and influences affecting social policy
  • Political and economic theory and systems
  • Knowledge of inequality concepts and the ways they impact individuals and society
  • Knowledge of the various stratifications in our society and the various ways stereotypes develop and their influence
  • The key policy decisions and how they impact community work
  • Knowledge of organisational standards, policies, and procedures

You need to know all these things to ace the papers. Look for CHCDEV002 RTO materials and resources online to gain proper knowledge on the course. Ask an expert at for the right assistance and to gain proper knowledge on the course.

About the University

The course CHCDEV002 is taught at Victoria University, Australia. The university is ranked 45 in the world among universities that are below 50 years of age. You can get the right guidelines and education from the best faculty at Victoria University. Go through the admission requirements and prepare well to confirm a seat at the university.

Weightage of the Course

The course covers various elements that impact community work and services. You will get to present various analyses of the effects of sociological elements on individuals. It is crucial to delve deep into academic and practical information. The course is majorly based on theoretical points of view and examples of various risk analyses that you need to learn for better opportunities in the future. During the course, you will need to work on several projects. These are used for your practical evaluation and assessment of your overall growth.

What Will You Learn from This Course?

Students pursuing the course will be able to learn these on completion:

  • Understanding the social and cultural challenges impacting the clients in Australia
  • Learning the impact of social and cultural aspects on customers
  • A better examination of the impact of social and cultural elements on community work and client services

The course will help you enhance the skills and knowledge necessary to act autonomously, organise and execute community work. It is crucial to understand all the aspects if you aspire to build a career in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two important functions of social and cultural institutions in Australian society?

The social and cultural institutions in Australia aim to ensure peace and security of people when they work or are part of some activities. The institutions also work with an objective to support people in Australia in their routine activities. The course CHCDEV002 will help you get familiar with all the functions of social and cultural institutions.

What are the major social and cultural institutions in Australian society?

The major institutions looking after social and cultural well-being in Australia are:

  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Metropolises
  • Communes
  • Clubs
  • Educational institutions
  • Family
  • Legal and government institutions
  • Market institutions
  • Mass media institutions
  • Social welfare institutions

What are sociological factors?

The course CHCDEV002 deals with various sociological and cultural factors that affect the society. Sociological factors are defined as those social conditions that affect human behaviour. You must be well aware of these factors before going through the course materials and implementing them in practical life.

What is the difference between culture and social norms?

You need to understand the meaning of culture to differentiate it from norms. The term culture refers to the attitudes and patterns of behaviour in a given group. On the other hand, norms refer to the attitudes and behaviours that are considered normal within a society.

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