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Word Counter

Every freelance and professional writer in the creative writing industry understands the value of a word counter tool. Maintaining a particular word or character count in content is vital, especially if you're trying to cater to a broad audience.

At, you can use our state-of-the-art word counter tool for free. Our experts have polished and upgraded it to include every feature that writers need to ensure perfection in their works.

What Is A Word Counter?

In an age where the internet provides answers to most questions, you can find helpful online resources to eliminate most of your troubles. One such tool is the word counter. As the name suggests, it is an online resource that you can use to count the number of words in any document.

Business owners, content writers, professional writers, and more depend on the tool to keep track of the character count online. The usefulness of the device is understated as you get to enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Keeping track of the number of words
  • Keeping count of words per paragraph
  • See the data for characters with and without spaces

At, our algorithm for the word counter ensures you receive accurate character counts at every instance. It is a pretty simple tool to utilise and makes it easier to stick to assignment guidelines.

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Importance Of Using Word Counter Tool

If you were to choose between reading 300-words about how to bake a cake, or a 3000-word instruction manual, which one would you pick? The word count of the latter will immediately push people to choose the shorter blog. Hence, creative writers need to use a word counter to keep within the limitations of a blog.

However, the length of dissertations and thesis usually range around 40,000 words, while a novel can extend up to 120,000. Now, it is impossible to check the word count for such lengthy works manually. Therefore, using a word count calculator is the most efficient option for all.

How Is The Word Counter Useful?

Have you ever noticed that the word count on Google Docs is slightly different than the word count on Microsoft Word, even if you copy and paste the same text on both platforms? This is because the developers use different word count algorithms when designing the software.

As a result, it might become challenging to get an accurate word character count for your documents. Thankfully, the word counter tool at provides you with a more flexible algorithm that lets you choose whether the tool should count punctuation marks and spaces as a word or not.

Additionally, such tools help you to:

  1. Save time– You don't have to spend hours manually checking the word count for assignments. Instead, you can use the character counterto get accurate results within less than a second.
  2. Improve content– The specialty of our word counteris that it provides suggestions to improve your writing. Furthermore, you can use the tool to express an idea compactly.

Even people who are so technically challenged that they don’t know how to get word count on Google Docs can use a word counter without going through many challenges.

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How Does's Word Counter Tool Work?

At, our word calculator is so convenient to use that you don’t go to another word counter website for assistance. After all, you need to follow only three steps:

Step 1: Copy and paste the document onto the word counter

Step 2: Adjust the font type, font size, styling, margin, etc.

Step 3: Receive the results instantly

At, our word count online tool supports all Word documents, PDFs, TXT, and HTML files. As a result, you can quickly upload the document from your device or Google Drive to get the word count. Or, you can also copy and paste it directly to the tool.

The word counter works on pages as well. Hence, you won’t need a separate page counter tool to figure out the number of pages you require for a task. Since many places pay their writers based on the page count, this makes it easier for both parties.

Why Would Someone Need To Do A Word Count?

In the 21st century, content length is as important as the content itself. That's why you must figure out how many characters there are in your works.

Word count is one of the most factors in SEO marketing. An online character counter tool is vital for professional content writers because sticking to a strict word count ensures they don’t lose their clients with redundant information.

On the other hand, students need a word checker to ensure they stick to the specific word count of an assignment. After all, if you exceed the word count of a 1000-word essay by 5000 words, there’s less than a 1% probability that you’ll get an A+.

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How To Get A Character Count In Microsoft Word?

You won’t need to use a character counter tool online to check the character count for a document on Microsoft Word. Instead, you can select the "Review" section and select "Word Count." This gives you a detailed picture of the pages, words, characters (with spaces), characters (no spaces), paragraphs, and lines in the document. However, if you wish to check the word count in Word for a particular section, you have to select that section and repeat the steps.

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

Q.1. How to do word count in Word?

You won’t have to count words manually if you wish to check the length of any document in Microsoft Word. Instead, you can click on "Review" and then "Word Count" to get a detailed note of the number of words and characters with and without spaces in the paper.

Q.2. How many letters are there in the alphabet?

The number of alphabets varies according to the language. For example,

  • The number of alphabets in the English language – 26
  • The number of alphabets in the Korean language – 24
  • The number of alphabets in the Bengali language – 28

At, our word counter can count Chinese, Japanese, and other languages’ characters and alphabets.

Q.3. How many words are there in the English language?

Language is flexible and ever-changing. Some words that were of use in the past have now gone obsolete. Meanwhile, new words are introduced to the English lexicon every year. As of 2021, the Oxford English Dictionary recognises 171,476 words in the English language.

Q.4. How many words are there in a 5-minute speech?

It can be challenging to pinpoint the precise number of words to form a 5-minute speech as it depends on the reading speed. However, there are approximately 650-750 words in a 5-minute speech if a person speaks 125 to 150 words in a minute.

Q.5. How many pages are needed for 250 words?

The number of pages required for a task depends on the word count, font type, and sentence spacing. However, if you use the standard 12 size font for Times New Roman and single-spacing, you need half of an a4 sized page. For double-spacing, you'd need 1 page for 250 words.

Q.6. How many words should be in a paragraph?

The average number of words that should ideally be in a paragraph is 100-200 words. It's best if there are 5-6 sentences. Otherwise, the section might seem too cramped. However, you don't need to use a word counter for books online to check every paragraph. Sometimes, you can leave it to intuition.

Q.7. How many words is 5000 characters?

Sometimes, you might get assignments where you have to write 5000 characters. Most people might confuse it with 5000 words. However, 5000 characters with space are approximately 710 to 1250 words only. If the space is not included in the character count, it ranges from 830 to 1670.

Q.8. How many pages is 750 words?

You'd need 1.5 pages to write 750 words with single-spaced lines and the standard Times New Roman size 12 font. However, with double spacing, the number of pages doubles to 3. A handwritten 750-words might take more space as it depends on the writer’s handwriting.

Q.9. How many words are there in two pages?

For two A4-sized pages, you can expect an approximate word count of 900 for single-spaced and 500-600 for double-spaced. However, this is in case the font size is standard 12 and the font is Times New Roman. For a handwritten page, you can expect lesser than that.

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