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Unmatched Essay Outlines From The Professionals!

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Essay Outline

So it is your bestie’s birthday, and you decide to surprise her with a chocolate cake prepared by none other than you. Since the morning, you have been chirpy and feel like nothing can go wrong as you set about the task. Soon enough, you realize that you have all the ingredients, an oven to bake the cake, the mittens you need to pull out of the oven, frosting bits and all the works – all except the recipe! Thanks to the Internet, you can now pause that panic button and look up recipes online.

It is the same when you are writing an essay. You need information on the topic, a stance to prepare, and a roadmap to a perfect paper. The most crucial element in the essay planning stage is the essay outline. Without it, there is no guarantee of the success of the essay. Many have attempted to write an essay without planning. A tour around the campus will tell you that they did not make it very far in college.

If you are not confident about your writing skills, don’t be too hard on yourself. Unfortunately, not all of us have the fair talent of whipping up enticing words out of thin air.

But if you need a plagiarism checker for the next essay that you have to write, you know where to come knocking! At, we have a team of over 5000 PhD-qualified scholars who will be too glad to provide relevant and suitable essay outlines for any topic under the sun. Our website is just the destination when you need a detailed essay outline. So, what are you waiting for? Waste no more time and place your “guide me to write my paper” request at to achieve success.

How To Write An Essay Outline?

An essay outline involves planning the structure of your essay before writing it. It includes a quick summary of sentences and phrases for every point you describe in each paragraph to get a picture of how your issues will unfold.

Sometimes professors may ask you to submit an essay outline as a distinct assignment before starting assignment writing. However, if you don’t have to write an essay, it is essential to create an outline as a part of the writing process.

It consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction: 

It incorporates the topic of the essay and its thesis statement. The outline of the thesis statement helps elaborate every paragraph of the body.

  • Body: 

A body has at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph speaks about an argument of the essay. Note down the topic sentence of each section in the outline as mentioned. It will help elaborate on the point mentioned in the essay thesis. It would be best to support each paragraph with data, facts, examples, and other evidence.

  • Conclusion: 

The conclusion wraps the thesis and summarizes the objective of your paper.

Examples Of Essay Outlines

Our team of essay tutoring mentors believes that essay outline examples vary with every type of essay. Here is the template of a 5 paragraph essay. You may write the outline in complete sentences or small phases; whatever you choose, be consistent. It will be better if you don’t randomly change the points from phrases to complete sentences. The template below displays how you can outline a five-paragraph essay.

1. Introduction

a. Hook

b. Background

c. Thesis statement

1st topic 

1. First point

2. The first section of evidence

3. The second section of evidence

  1. Second point
  1. The first section of evidence
  2. The second section of evidence

2nd topic

  1. second point
    1. The first section of evidence
    2. The second section of evidence
  2. Second point
  1. The first section of evidence
  2. The second section of evidence

3rd topic

  1. First point
    1. The first section of evidence
    2. The second section of evidence
  2. Second point
    1. The first section of evidence
    2. The second section of evidence


  1. Importance of topic
  2. Strong closing statement

Argumentative Essay Outline 

In an argumentative essay, the outline has short phrases to summarise each point. The essay body is divided into three paragraphs, each introducing arguments on the different aspects of the topic. Here is a template of a short argumentative essay on the topic – the internet’s impact on education developed by our 5000+ Ph.D. qualified tutors.

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of the Internet
  3. Considerations about internet use
  4. Thesis statement: The Internet uses a net positive
  5. The harmful effects of the Internet on attention
  1. Data exploring and its effect
  2. Analysis indicating it is overemphasized
  3. Restlessness with reading
  4. Students’ reading levels with time
  5. The questionability of the data
  6. Flexibility allowance of the internet 

Smartphones As A Form Of Classroom Distraction

Various media are engaging different learners

  1. Video Media
  2. Communicative media
  3. Accessibility of independent research
  4. Online research’s speed and simplicity
  5. Questions about the reliability
  6. Students’ use of Wikipedia

 Negatives of Wikipedia

  1. Evidence of ubiquity
  2. Claims Discouraging Academic Writing Engagement
  3. Positives effects of Wikipedia
  4. Evidence to verify Wikipedia’s warning to students not to cite it
  5. Argument introducing students to citation
  6. Conclusion

 Summary Of Key Points

  1. Value of digital education for students
  2. Need for optimism to embrace the advantages of the internet

Expository Essay Outline

The outline of expository essays must have short phrases with individual points described in complete sentences. Our mentors explain the template of the expository essay here. It is about the impact of the invention of the printing press on life and politics in Europe

  1. Introduction
  2. Testifying that the printing press marks the end of the Middle Ages.
  3. Background for the low levels of literacy before the printing press.
  4. The thesis statement: The innovation of the printing press augmented the circulation of information in Europe, paving the way for the Reformation.
  5. Situation before the printing press

The excessive levels of illiteracy in medieval Europe.

  1. Describe how literacy was mainly the discipline of religious and political elites.
  2. Indicate how it discouraged political and spiritual change.
  3. Invention and spread of the printing press

The coinage of the printing press in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg.

  1. The uses of the new technology for book production.
  2. The quick spread of technology and the printing of the Gutenberg Bible.
  3. Link to the Reformation.
  4. Printing press’s influence on the Reformation

The trend for rephrasing the Bible into vernacular languages in the years following the printing press’s coinage.

  1. Luther’s self-translation of the Bible during the Reformation.
  2. The large-scale effects the Reformation would have on spiritualism and politics.
  3. Conclusion

 Summarize the history described.

  1. Emphasize the importance of the printing press to the events of this period.

Literary Analysis Essay Outline

A literary analysis outlines the aspects and themes of literature. The body of a literary analysis must be divided into three paragraphs, each exploring different themes through the examples of the book. For example, the literary analysis outlined here talks about the function of theatre through the examples of the book.

  Here is a literary analysis essay outline

  1. Introduction
  2. The stagecraft of Austen’s works
  3. The role of theatre plays in Mansfield Park
  4. Austen’s use of the theatrical expression for the characters’ morality in Mansfield Park?
  5. The frivolous acting scheme

 Austen’s portrayal of the performance at the end of the first volume

  1. Sir Bertram’s reaction to the acting scheme
  2. Stage directions

 Austen’s use of stage direction in dialogue details

  1. Deployed stage directions to show the characters’ self-absorption
  2. The performance of morals

 Austen’s narrative of Maria and Julia’s relationship is polite but affectionless

  1. The contradictory character of Mrs Norris’s self-conceit as charitable despite her idleness
  2. Conclusion

Summary of the three themes: The acting scheme, stage directions, and the performance of morals

  1. Answer the research question
  2. Indicate areas for further study

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The team of 5000+ mentors of works tirelessly to get you closer to your dream grades. Here is how our tutors come to your support when you need help with essay outlines.

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  • Eminent tutors

The team of tutors at goes about preparing the essay outline. First, they categorize the findings as relevant. Then they link portions of the essay outline to connect it all. You can always go through the essay outline examples of to ensure the quality of the solutions that our team of over 5000 PhD-qualified tutors provides.

  • Efficient Editors and Proofreaders

Effective editing and proofreading distinguish a good essay from a great one. We have a team of superb editors and proofreaders to go over the solutions carefully. They have an eye for details, and common mistakes never miss their keen scrutiny. Moreover, they help us offer top-quality solutions by checking the writing standards and research depth for every assignment we deliver. You, too, can get your essay structure edited and proofread by the mentors of! Hence, if you wonder, “Can I pay someone to guide me to write my essay?” If you need it, then we’re the right choice.

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Wondering “How To Create An Essay Outline?” Here’s How!

Professional essay tutors think that most students struggle with writing an essay due to a lack of planning. Most of them come up with questions like, “How to write an outline for an essay?” when faced with essay writing tasks. Without a proper essay outline, there’s no way that you can turn in a superb paper that fetches you an A.

If you are wondering how to write an essay outline, you have come to the right place! Planning an essay is not rocket science. But it does require sharp analytical skills and an organized mind.

  • First of all, you need to calm your mind and face the task with a determined approach. You can look up a few essay outline samples at for inspiration as well.
  • Jot down the key areas that you need to focus on for your essay. Then, each argument or element in those points should have a place of its own in your essay.
  • Writing an essay outline is all about figuring out where to fit the elements of your essay. However, it may get confusing when you have an elaborate topic with too much information.

To help you take care of the information overload, we can guide you while you write an outstanding essay outline right away! So tell us what you require, and we will be on it pronto!

Check Out Hundreds Of Examples Of Essay Outline Formats! Visit

Making your grades lookup is a cakewalk with the help of the erudite in-house scholars of Aiding you in every step of the way towards writing a stellar essay, the mentors of will be only too happy to share their wisdom with you. From referencing guidance to providing invaluable tips on structuring and formatting, is the one-stop destination for all your academic requirements. In addition, you will find scores of essay outline samples to go through when you visit

Writing an essay outline can get pretty tricky. You might have tonnes to do before you can take up the essay writing task. There might be times when you are too confused about the essay topic to create a proper outline. A deluge of information might puzzle you over what goes where in your essay.

There is no need to panic over these unforeseen impediments at all! We, at, will not only help you write a superb essay outline but can also guide you in writing the whole essay from scratch!

Check out thousands of essay outline formats and samples at to get a better idea of the awesome quality of assignments that we deliver. Receive amazing discounts when you place an order for essay outlines today!

Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

Question 1:- What is an essay outline?

Answer:- An outline is an organizational tool used by authors in their academic and professional writing. It is a foundation of an entire writing piece, produced to structurize main ideas into a list of contents. It provides structure and guidance for tutors as they begin the drafting process. An outline should briefly summarize the intended content of your essay and organize that content in a sensible, coherent manner. Knowing how to outline is an important skill for students.

Question 2:- How to write an essay outline?

Answer:- Start with choosing an appropriate title for your essay. It reflects what the essay is going to be about. Then, proceed with outlining your introduction. Write a sentence about your topic and introduce your thesis. You can also mention an essay hook here – a sentence you’ll use to make the audience interested in reading your work. After framing the introduction, outline your essay body: write down a topic sentence for each paragraph, provide supporting evidence you’ll use when writing, and mention how they’ll relate to the topic and your thesis. The more details you outline, the easier it will be to organize all the thoughts while writing. Also, you can write a transition sentence for each paragraph so it would be faster to structure and band all arguments. Finally, outline your essay conclusion. Restate your thesis and write a concluding statement, i.e. a sentence addressing the importance of your thesis and proposing solutions to the problem you addressed in the essay. An outline page must include:

  • Paper Title
  • Thesis statement
  • Major points/arguments indicated by Roman numerals (i.e., I, II, III, IV, V, etc.)
  • Support your major points, indicated by capital Arabic numerals (i.e., A, B, C, D, E, etc.)

Question 3:- What is an essay outline Example?

Answer:-  The essay outline example is nothing but the template for writing an essay. The example of an essay outline varies with every type of essay. For example, argumentative essays are outlined in short phrases to summarize each point. The expository essays have short phrases with individual facts described in complete sentences. In contrast, literary analysis outlines the aspects and themes of literature.

Question 4:- What are the 3 types of outlines?

Answer:- There are 3 main types of essay outlines:

  1. Working outline–
  2. Full-sentence outline
  3. Speaking outline

Question 5:- When do I need to write an essay outline?

Answer:-  Writing an essay outline requires sharp analytical and organizing skills.

  • Calm your mind and recognize the task with determination. 
  • Note down the focal points of your essay. 
  • In the introduction, mention the topic and thesis statement.
  • The body must elaborate the points or arguments mentioned in the thesis statement with supportive facts, figures, and quotations.
  • The conclusion wraps the thesis and summarizes the goal of the paper

Question 6:- Should I use full sentences in my essay outline?

Answer:-  Well, it depends on your writing style, need, type, or what the essay outline demands. You can write your essay outline in complete sentences or short phrases. However, whatever option you choose, try to be consistent. For example, it must not happen that you mention one section of your essay in small phrases while the other in complete sentences. Essay outlines are mainly written to assist you in writing the essay properly; inconsistency will only add more confusion.

Question 7:- Do I have to stick to my essay outline as I write?

Answer:- Not really. An essay outline is like the blueprint of the building you are going to design. In simple terms, it is the basic plan that helps you recognize and arrange the placement of ideas that pop into your mind regarding the essay. There is no hard and fast rule to stick to the essay outline; you can always improvise.

Question 8:- What to Do Before Outlining?

Answer:- Before you outline your paper, make sure to take the following steps:

  • Read your assignment guidelines carefully
  • List all the ideas that pop in your mind
  • Free write for 5-10 minutes
  • Cluster your ideas in three adjoining circles
  • Question your topic with the basics of academic writing – who, what, when, where, why, and how
  • Identify the purpose of writing the essay
  • Ascertain the audience of the essay 

Question 9:- How to Make an Outline: the Process?

Answer:- The procedure of writing an essay outline is straightforward yet detailed.

  • First, read the instructions given by your university or professor carefully and brainstorm the topic.
  • Then, visually map out the outline. you may break your essay in the following way:
  1. Introduction – brief of the topic and make space for a thesis statement
  2. Body paragraph 1 – use literary device 1
  3. Body paragraph 2 – use literary device 2
  4. Body paragraph 3 – use literary device 3
  5. conclusion – add a conclusion statement and highlight the main points of your essay
  • Then, a speculative thesis statement and topic sentence
  • Then, strategize sub-arguments and evidence
  • Finally, look back at your paper and determine if you stayed on track

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