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Having Trouble With Discursive Essays?

UserMin Seow time19 March,2024

What Is A Discursive Essay?

Discursive essays are prevalent across various disciplines. Your instructor will use such essays to evaluate your skills and knowledge. Students often fail to understand the meaning of such essays and look for some discursive essay writing help. Our tutors are always ready to teach you the correct ways to write one and enable you to write a flawless one.

Discursive essays provoke discussions on several topics. These tasks will make you think logically on a topic and put forward some arguments or opinions. Writing a discursive essay will not seem challenging if you can understand the topic well. The tutors associated with know the various tips and tricks to help you write the essay. You might face any of the following three types of discursive essays:

  • Essays with for and against arguments
  • Essays to demonstrate your opinion about the exact topic
  • Texts with actual propositions and solutions

It is necessary to understand the type you have been assigned. To get a clear idea of the various types, don’t hesitate to seek the help of the tutors from We will cover all your queries and ensure to provide the best online session.

Discursive Essay Writing Help: All You Need To Know About It

We have been serving students for quite some time now. After receiving endless queries on various topics, and valuable reviews from them, we have made sure that students don’t have to go through a difficult procedure to get the help. Our discursive essay experts are well-trained and have the correct knowledge to guide students to write a flawless discursive essay.

You don’t have to wait in a queue to get the right discursive essay help. When you visit our website, you will be directed to follow the three easy steps to get the necessary support, namely:

  • Filling up the enquiry form
  • Making the necessary payment
  • Attending the online tutoring session

We do not make you sit through an online class when we want. You will have the chance to choose the time when you want to attend the class and learn all about discursive essays. Our tutors are available throughout the day and can essay help you at any time you would like them to.

20 Discursive Essay Topics For 2022 That Make The Grade

You might be instructed by your teachers to choose a topic and write an essay on it. While it seems easy and advantageous, most students fail to grab suitable grades. The reason behind this is their lack of understanding of the subject or the topics that can make the cut. will leave no stones unturned in helping you with the tasks. So, here are twenty trending discursive essay writing guide topics to help you grab suitable grades.

  1. Do energy drinks pose health risks for under-18 people?
  2. Should GMOs be permitted in food?
  3. Do all adults need to sleep eight hours each night?
  4. Is technology addiction real?
  5. Is the military’s use of drones an example of privacy invasion?
  6. Should public places, such as restaurants and libraries utilise internet fibres?
  7. Should the authorities expand offshore drilling?
  8. Are you helping the environment by recycling your household waste?
  9. Should the EPA roll back emissions standards for vehicles?
  10. Are plastic water bottles destroying the environment?
  11. Are dating websites a good place to meet potential romantic partners?
  12. Is a social media presence necessary for a small business to succeed?
  13. Does the use of social media impact academic performance?
  14. Are goldfish better pets than cats and dogs?
  15. Should clothes labelled as activewear be worn as casual wear?
  16. Is soup a meal?
  17. Is it better to watch a movie on the big screen or in your home?
  18. Will a dress code improve the learning experience in a high school?
  19. Do social network platforms encourage vicious bullying?
  20. Should aquariums and zoos be shut down for the abuse of animals?

You can choose anyone from the list and impress your instructor. Consult a tutor from and get the necessary help while writing a discursive essay.

How To Write A Discursive Essay: Tips To Succeed And Examples

If you have knocked at our door for some discursive essay help, we will ensure to help you in the best way possible. You might wonder what extra will our online live sessions have to enable you to write the essay flawlessly. Here’s what makes us different. We will take you through each step of writing a discursive essay. Following are a few tips to write a discursive essay which our tutors will explain in detail:

  • Write in a formal, impersonal style
  • Introduce the points in separate paragraphs
  • Write well-developed paragraphs
  • Give reasons and examples for each point
  • Use sequencing
  • Use linking words and phrases
  • Make references to other sources and make sure that you follow the proper citation style
  • Identify used sources

If you are unable to understand any of these, don’t worry. Our tutors will help you understand each one of them with proper examples. Hence, make sure to book your slot today and get the necessary help about how to write discursive essay lessons from the best tutors.

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

Q1. How Do You Write A Conclusion For A Discursive Essay?

Ans: You can write a good discursive essay conclusion by following the tips mentioned below:

  • Talk about something mentioned in the first paragraph
  • Evaluate what has gone before
  • Point out something that you have followed if the question allowed it
  • Share your views. Discursive essays need to have a section where you must share your opinion

Q2. What Makes A Good Discursive Essay?

Ans: A good discursive essay must have a lot of elements. You need to know the right ways to present the essay and obtain suitable grades. The essay must explain the topic well, and ensure that the writer joins the discussion. You need to provide your views and opinions in support or against the topic. Your instructor will evaluate on the basis of these points.

Q3. What Is The Difference Between Argumentative And Discursive Essay?

Ans: Many students fail to understand the difference between argumentative and discursive essays. But they are not the same.

Discursive essays are directed towards a topic and are used to provide a generalised view on the same. You must provide a balanced opinion and ensure to explain the reasons behind the same.

On the other hand, argumentative essays emphasise taking a stand either for or against the topic. You need to provide information based on the stand you take. The readers must be convinced with your viewpoints.

Q4. How Many Paragraphs Should A Discursive Essay Have?

Ans: Writing discursive essays is not easy. You need to know all the elements and ensure to write one correctly. In general, a discursive essay consists of four to five paragraphs.

Q5. Do Experts Help Me In The Formal Style Of Discursive Essay?

Ans: The experts will help you understand the correct ways of writing a discursive essay. You can expect to know all the elements that must be present in the essay and write accordingly. Hence, take help from the experts and learn the correct ways of writing discursive essays.

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