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Importance Of The Product Churn In The Market

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Product Churn

Product churn is a practice adopted by numerous businesses around the globe to benefit consumers. It allows a business to trade its products and services at consumer-friendly prices and prevents any loss in the business. The subject provides you with a set of suggestions that can help you to make wise decisions contributing to a successful business. In this section, you will learn the concepts of churning, including its types and calculation to control the churn rate.

What Is Product Churn?

Product churn is a calculation of the value of any goods or services introduced in the market. It compares numerous consumers' tests on the popularity of the latest products with their demand after that product. Thus, product churn is a measure of the number of consumers who stop using a product after trying it. To measure this, marketers depend on actual usage or any failure to renew the product using a subscription model. The churn rate is strictly calculated over specific periods to realize the success rate of any product in the market. It can be calculated for a month, quarter, or a year revealing the position of a product in the market.

Thus, when a fresh set of customers purchases a product, it boosts the growth rate of that product. Furthermore, it is undeniable that some of those consumers will discontinue the usage of that product due to any reason. It is possible for them to have found an alternative solution, or they might not need the services any longer. The consumers that stop availing the services after some time are known to be the "churn" for that time. 

A popular method of product churn is known as the dollar-cost averaging method allowing marketers to make necessary improvements. This technique enables an investor to regularly buy or sell minor segments of securities concerning a change in their prices. Now, with every transaction made, there is a fixed commission fee leading to the average downfall of the prices. Thus, the method of product churn saves an investor from the impact of market fluctuations, which are nearly impossible to predict.

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Types Of Churning

4 Types Of Churn You Need To Know

  • Pro-active Churn: Countless consumers first purchase a product and then cancel the subscriptions due to lack of interest. But, the consumers repeating this process proactively gives rise to a situation of pro-active churn in the market. This type of churn leaves the worst impact on the market and needs to be tackled initially. 
  • Re-active Churn: It is prevalent among consumers forgetting to update their credit card details, leading to the cancelation of accounts. This created a demand for a feature like "Dunning Management," which notifies you automatically whenever your card declines.
  • Happy Churn: Consumers with the intent to use your product for short-term cases in their campaign cancel their subscription later with positive feedback. This type of churn is observed in software-operated products delivering a rigid solution or playing its part for a specified period.
  • Fake Churn: Many firms are guaranteeing you with 30 to 90 days refund with their money-back policies. Thus, it is crucial to measure the money refunded separately realize how much it costs you in real.

How Product Churn Impacts Your Business?

3 Ways Product Churn Impacts Your Business

  • In-depth analysis of churning: It depends on the consumer's will to avail of the services of any specific brand. This creates a fear of losing their customers and boosting competition in the market between the sustaining brands. The fear of churn compels the firms to sacrifice their future opportunities and play safely in the market, ignoring their profits. It leads the firms to lack the upsell of their other products or services in their portfolio. Also, it contributes to a decline in their overall market due to the reducing number of their customers. All these challenges add to the stain on a brand in the mind of its spurned customer. Thus, it can lead to a negative impact on your business if not considered carefully.
  • The feedback that can benefit you: At the time of churning, the consumers tend to be loud and clear regarding their reason to leave a firm. Any negative review regarding your product turns out to be a blessing for your competitors. On the contrary, positive feedback from your consumers is like ammunition for your firm to fire back at your competitors. You can use positive feedback recurring with your new products or services having young prospects. The churned consumers will always act as a hindrance for your new products; but, there will be a new set of consumers balancing the whole equation. 
  • The more the churn rate, the more prominent the problemsare: It is rarely observed in the life of a company that they witness the loss of their happy customers. An increment in the churn rate indicates that you lack in your customer relationships. Are you failing to deliver up to the expectations of your client or customers? A continuous rise in the churn rate can prove to be lethal for your business, compelling you to control it. Thus, the churn rate impacts your business in both ways, depending on the intensity of churn.

How To Calculate & Reduce Product Churn Rate?

Product churn rate can be calculated accurately by using the formula shown below:

Churn Rate = Users at the beginning of period - Users at the end of period / Users at the beginning of the period 

7 Tips To Reduce Product Churn Rate

  • Identify your best consumers: It is imperative for you to identify your most loyal consumers as they contribute significantly to a decline in the churn rate. Also, you need to realize a pool of customers possessing higher chances to cancel the subscription of your product. It helps you to focus all your efforts and synchronize them to identify the set of consumers contributing to your growth. 
  • Pro-active communication: Always being prepared to resolve your customer's issues before they need you is a healthy practice in business. Adopting this method demonstrates your willingness to help your consumers avail themselves the most of your product or service. Thus, it helps you to gain the loyalty of your consumers, contributing to a decline in the churn rate.
  • Make your product consumer-friendly: Launching a new product in the market proves to be quite challenging for every company. Especially if the product is launched with a sophisticated mechanism, it tends to bore the consumers leading to an increase in churn rate. So, to ensure the successful life of your product, it is essential for you to make it easy and appealing for the consumers.
  • Appreciate your consumers: Offer your customers the best deals on your product and understand their contribution to your successful business. Providing them with a promo code, discount, loyalty programs, etc. It contributes to more consumer engagement in your business. A small effort like this can go much further, supporting your appreciation towards your valuable and existing customers.
  • Customer feedback: Always ask for valuable feedback from the consumers as it contributes majorly to the growth of your business. It allows you to understand the concerns bothering your customers and dedicate yourself to solving those concerns at the earliest. It is crucial as a frustrated customer can ultimately lead to an increased churn rate compelling you to trade under loss.
  • Realize the state of your business: It is imperative for you to realize the state of your business and the willingness to turn the negative feedback into positive. Your dedication to growing your business determines if you can win back the interest of consumers leaving you. To help you do this, you can utilize the data before the consumers churn and build effective strategies to prevent it. 
  • Competitive Attitude: In the developing era, where technology and software are continuously evolving, the market conditions vary drastically. This change in the market conditions tends to shift the consumer's demands inevitably. Thus, it is imperative for a business to adopt a competitive attitude to ensure its sustainability in the market.  

Examples Of Product Churning

  • A stockbroker is an excellent example of product churning as he trades with securities more often than required. They are well-trained professionals dedicated to selling and purchasing securities to generate their commission fees. A stockbroker is responsible for marketing the securities, ensuring the benefits of the customers as well as their well-being. 
  • Another notable example contributing to the meaning of churn can be observed in refreshments and snacks being served in theatres. The services sold there are often expensive, especially when small servings are sold at higher rates as compared to large servings. Thus, it compels the consumers to go with large servings as it appears to be a better deal for them. This practice supports the technique of churning attracting more consumers towards the offers introduced in the market. 

What Is The Difference Between Customer Churn And Revenue Churn?

Customer Churn

Revenue Churn

Also known as Logo Churn calculates the rate at which your existing consumers cancel their subscription.

It gives you the value of lost consumers representing their contribution in revenue.

Allows you to maximize new consumers and minimize the loss of existing consumers.

It monitors the rate at which monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is lost due to left consumers and cancelled subscription.

% Customer churn rate = Customers that churned in period t / Total customers at the beginning of period t

% Revenue churn rate = Churned MRR / Previous month

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Most Important Frequently Asked Questions Searched By Students

Q1. How can businesses reduce product churn?

Ans.Businesses can take several steps to reduce product churn, including:

  • Improving the quality of the product or service
  •     Providing excellent customer service and support
  •     Offering competitive pricing
  •     Creating a strong brand and positive customer experience
  •     Gathering and analyzing customer feedback to identify and address any issues or pain points

Q2. How can businesses measure product churn?

Ans.Product churn can be measured using a metric called the "churn rate," which is calculated as the percentage of customers who stop using a product or service over a specific period of time. To calculate the churn rate, businesses can divide the number of customers who churned by the total number of customers at the beginning of the period, and multiply by 100.

Q3. What are the consequences of high product churn for businesses?

Ans.High product churn can be costly for businesses, as it can lead to a loss of revenue and an increase in marketing and customer acquisition costs. It can also negatively impact a company's reputation and customer loyalty.

Q4. How can businesses prevent high product churn?

Ans.Businesses can prevent high product churn by understanding the factors that contribute to churn and addressing them. This may involve improving the product or service, offering competitive pricing, providing excellent customer service, and gathering and analyzing customer feedback.

Q5.  How do you calculate product churn?

Ans.Product churn, also known as customer churn or retention rate, is a measure of how many customers stop using a product or service over a given period of time. To calculate product churn, you can use the following formula: 

Product churn rate = (Number of customers who churned / Total number of customers at the beginning of the period) * 100



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