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Brand Alliance: A Complete Guide

Brand Alliance: Types - Advantages and Examples

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Definition Of Brand Alliances

Brand Alliance is defined as a marketing strategy signing the collaboration of two or more individual brands. It is a planned strategy with an agreement between multiple brands to combine their services to achieve fruitful results. The brands, products or other related assets are combined with a clear objective to raise their product awareness in the market. Therefore, the strategy of brand alliance plays a crucial role in promoting two or more businesses.

Brand alliance renders ample benefits to all the individual brands allying, ensuring a steep rise in their profits. Moreover, a brand alliance is not limited to international businesses only; it can be observed between two or many national or international brands to attract a maximum number of consumers. Therefore, the practice of this strategy enhances the chances of earning additional profits from all the business allies.

Classification Of Brand Alliances 

3 Types Of Brand Alliances

A. Co-Brands:

It is a technique of endorsing the brand name of two or more brands on one specific product. The prime goal of this technique is to advertise excellent work and deliver high-value products to consumers. 

B. Brand Licences:

It is an agreement between two brands allowing each other to use their brand names in return for a licensing fee. The first company permits another brand to use its brand name on the products and services they launch in the market. Thus, permission to use the brand name is allowed with a promise to return in a licensing fee.

C. Cross Marketing:

It is a collective or agreement between two brands to promote each other's products and services. The concept of cross-marketing is similar to a trade deal arrangement where two brands work for the benefit of each other. 

How Do Brand Alliances Work? 

Brand Alliances works on the concept of combining two or more brands to achieve mutual profits in their respective businesses. It involves the engagement of two or more brands working collectively to benefit each other mutually. To do so successfully, these brands follow various methods to use their brand names to promote their services. Moreover, brand alliances influence the reaction of the consumers towards their partner's brands. This is one of the most successful methods marketers use to promote their goods on a large scale. Therefore, the concept of brand alliances affects different brands in diverse ways depending on the variant consumer reactions.

Successful Examples Of Brand Alliance

Example 1: Let's take an example of the two biggest giants in their respective industries — the brand alliance of BMW, a luxury car giant, with Louis Vuitton, a luxury retail giant. The brand alliance of the two came into the consumers' knowledge when BMW launched its unique sports car, the BMW i8. The launch of this edition highlighted the partnership between the two brands as BMW launched i8 with exclusively designed interiors. It was designed by Louis Vuitton and crafted a 4 piece set of suitcases and bags that enhanced the car's uniqueness. All the designs prepared by Louis Vuitton were seamless and a perfect fit into the car's rear parcel shelf. Moreover, the bags were designed to match the vehicle's interiors, leading to high appreciation among the consumers.

Example 2: Another example can be seen as an alliance between two retail giants, Alexander Wang and H&M. Both of these giants are among the leading brands in apparel and high-end shoes. Both the brands came into an alliance where Alexander Wang specifically designed shoes catering to the young generation. The shoes designed by Alexander Wang were showcased at the line of stores of H&M offering trendy apparel, shoes, and accessories. Therefore, an alliance like this was positively appreciated by the consumers contributing to the profits of both brands.

Difference Between Co-Branding And Brand Alliance

Co-Branding can be defined as the type of marketing strategy engaging two or more brand names to promote products. This type of strategic alliance must participate in at least two brands in the promotion of their services. Co-branding aims to combine the market strength and increase consumer engagement by promoting their products among the consumers. Unlike brand alliance, the primary objective of co-branding is to endorse the brand name of multiple brands on specific products.

On the other hand, the prime goal of a Brand Alliance is to combine multiple brands to manage for the mutual benefit of those businesses. It collaborates with two or more individual brands as per a planned strategy to promote its businesses. The chief concern of brand alliance is to benefit all the individual brands comprising the coalition. Therefore, the primary difference between co-branding and brand alliance is the nature of these branding techniques.

Guide To Getting Started With Brand Alliances

3 Key Steps To Get Started With Brand Alliances

a. Recognize Your Brand:

To invest in brand alliances, it is crucial to critically analyze numerous brands before selecting the brand of your choice. So, to successfully promote your product, you need to tie up with a brand that is popular among the consumers.

b. Plan a Business Strategies:

After you have recognized your brand, you need to plan an effective strategy to promote your products among the consumers.

c. Review and Consumer Feedback:

The most vital factor before you get into brand alliances is to understand the consumers' demand. To do so effectively, you need to go through the reviews and understand consumer feedback to promote their products.

Role Of Brand Concept Consistency 

Brand consistency plays a crucial role in formulating the highest and integrated levels of brand alliances in the market. To achieve this, the brands having maximum market value acts as one of the critical elements ensuring brand success. The concept of brand consistency involves marketing and branding at higher levels highlighting every aspect of marketing. It includes advertisement, corporate communications, and every messaging statement, including communication delivered to the target audience.

Therefore, brand consistency is the key to gaining consumers trust for the brand they rely on to fulfil their requirements. In addition, it acts as a catalyst for developing an emotional connection with the consumer to draw his interest towards the product. Also, the concept of brand consistency adds to the factor of trust and reliability towards the brand promoting its services.

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

Ques 1. What Is Strategic Brand Alliances?

Ans: The strategic brand alliance is the act of short-term tactical partnership among companies/organizations. The objective is to increase awareness among consumers' minds. In addition, promoting sales, providing urgent financial resources, strategic tools for brand growth and development, and marketing success is also part of strategic brand alliances.

A brand alliance usually happens among two known, reputed, and nationally acclaimed brands. As a result, there is a significant benefit to both parties.

Ques 2. Why Should We Hire To Guide ForStrategic Brand Alliances?

Ans: Students should hire to guide about strategic brand alliances for the following reasons-

  • Students will receive help in all the classifications of the brand alliance.
  • Subject matter experts deal with the role of brand concept consistency, essential principles of brand alliances, and business strategy planning.
  • Online guidanceis available across types.
  • Affordable rates for consultation areavailable for students and many other perks.

Ques 3. What type of conclusion will include in Brand Alliances topics?

Ans: Like all other assignments, the conclusion of any brand alliance assignment will focus on disusing the outcomes. While working on brand alliances topics, students cannot introduce any new aspects. Repetitions of ideas shared in the introductory part are also not allowed. Students need to add recommendations and future scope of research in the conclusion as well.

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