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Holistic Nursing Assignment Essay Help

As a holistic nurse, you are expected to perform basic duties like making patients feel more relaxed, comfortable, showing passion and using relaxation and imagery techniques. Alongside you need to ace every holistic nursing assignment if you wish to become a professional in the field. has got experts who are familiar with the techniques and approaches involved in holistic nursing care assignment writing.  Your assignment will contain all the potential contributing stress factors that can impact the health of a patient. We are thorough with all different types of holistic treatments like hydrotherapy and balneotherapy, eastern medicine, acupuncture, aromatherapy, wellness coaching, etc., and thus can guide you in every holistic nursing technique.

Take our holistic nursing care assignment essay writing help to know how holistic nursing differs from traditional medicine regarding the implementation of different diagnostic procedures, philosophies and treatment options.

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What are the Responsibilities of a Holistic Nurse? 

If you are interested in pursuing holistic care in nursing, you need to first acquire a Bachelor’s degree in the field.  You will require taking courses on holistic streams. We can also provide interactive online tutoring lessons in this field where your basics will be clear. For now let’s look at some of the responsibilities holistic nurses require fulfilling:

  • Use alternative medicine and approaches to treat a patient
  • Provide massage to patients
  • Provides aromatherapy
  • Eastern healing practices
  • Perform acupuncture
  • Perform hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, hypnosis
  • Provide wellness coaching
  • Administering Eastern and traditional Chinese healing practices

If you want to become a successful holistic nurse, you will not just require practising your craft in medical settings but also adopting a lifestyle of spirituality, and self-responsibility.  Get trained by professional nursing specialists will help you getting prepared for your career in holistic care in nursing.

Examples of Holistic Care

Holistic nurses need to be extremely mindful of the well-being of their patients in every aspect. This also means you have to be mindful and present when establishing caring relationships with patients. When speaking and taking care of a patient, here are a few things a holistic nurse should be doing:

Make eye contact 

Making eye contact with your patient will improve communication between the two of you. They will feel more connected and valued. It will help patients focus more on the conversation and understand your facial expressions. This will help you make your patients feel more engaged.

Pronounce their name 

Pronouncing their name when you are making the communication is essential to make them feel seen and respected. Our name represents who we are and pronouncing it when talking emphasises our belonging and inclusion.

Ask how they are feeling

Asking them how they are doing shows your genuine care towards them. It shows your concern and how they matter to you.

Try making them feel relaxed under stressful situations 

Patients who are in physical pain go under immense stress. They start panicking and get overwhelmed very easily. So as a holistic nurse, it is your duty to calm them down and make them feel relaxed.

Smile and use laughter whenever seem appropriate

Patients already have a lot of stress and worries to deal with. A little smile and laughter will do magic. You must have heard the phrase “Smile is the best medicine”. You will encourage them to see life with a positive outlook.

Give them the required respect and dignity 

Show them the desired respect by asking their opinion and letting them know how they are important to you. Make them involved when making decisions as much as possible. Care enough to include them in the conversation. Do not talk in his/her presence like he is not even there.

Take an interest in their lives

Ask and answer questions they might have regarding specific concerns of patients. Some patients may require detailed information. Others may simply do better with just a simple checklist.

Teach them how they should be taking responsibility for their own care 

This is an essential example of hospitality care as it helps them understand how to take care of themselves regarding food intake, medicine and other special care in a situation when there will be no one to provide medical care or guidance. This will help them after they get discharged from the hospital.

Master these and you are one step closer to excelling in your holistic nursing assignment. You can also get a one-to-one interactive session with our holistic nursing assignment essay help experts if you have any confusion. Our experts will help you find innovative new solutions to problems and identifying new ways of patient care. Consult our PhD professionals now to master the basics of nursing practice.  We will help you stay committed to your patients.

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Why is Holistic Nursing Care Important? 

Holistic nursing care refers to a certain form of healing which involves the mind, emotions, body and spirit of a whole person. Here, the primary goal is to help the patients with finding a proper balance in life. Holistic nurses use all forms of health care right from conventional medication to alternative therapies for treating a patient.  It’s essential to consider holistic care principles if you are serious about pursuing a career in this field. One of the important principles of holistic medicine is the belief that unconditional love and support can be the ultimate healer. Other principles include the following:

  • Your patient is a person. So, do not consider them as a disease.
  • Every person comes with innate healing powers.
  • Treatment of the patient does not always mean diagnosing the symptoms. It also means fixing the cause of the condition.
  • Healing mostly involves a team approach where all aspects of the patient’s life are considered by using a variety of health practices.

Holistic nursing is a meaningful career path where the whole person is taken into consideration when offering psychological and physical care. If you wish to take a look in more details at the aspects of holistic care in nursing, reach out to our scholars who will enlighten you with amazing facts and information.

Get Holistic Nursing Care Assignment Help from Experts! 

“What does it mean to be healthy?” – This is the most debatable question in the field and had lead students to perform a great many researches. At, you will receive quality assistance from top-qualified professionals and help you get your unique voice standout from the rest. We will ensure your points are heard and valued.

While framing your holistic nursing care assignment, our experts will include analysis of emotional, environmental, physical, nutritional, social, lifestyle and spiritual values. Our medical specialists will ensure you receive an A+ worthy holistic nursing assignment help solution. You will find the detailed holistic caring process in our assignment solution. We will highlight all the holistic goals set to provide care to the patients.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

Q 1. What are examples of holistic nursing interventions?

Answer:  Examples of nursing interventions include:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Diagnosis
  • Implementation
  • And evaluation

Q 2. How do you write an academic essay for nursing?

Answer: Practical tips on how to write an outstanding nursing essay:

  • Get clarity on the nursing essay question
  • Read widely on the topic and collect appropriate data
  • Create a good structure
  • Draft and redraft
  • Edit, proofread and reference the sources appropriately

Q 3.  What are the concepts of holistic nursing?

Answer:  The concept of holistic nursing refers to the provision of care given to patients. This is based on the mutual understanding of the psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. It mostly focuses on the partnership that lies between the nurse and the patient.

Q 4. What should I include in my nursing essay?

Answer: A nursing essay will improve your chances of entering the nursing school you desire. So a perfect nursing essay will include planning, making yourself stand out from the rest, discussing your dreams, showing your genuine care for people, talking about your qualification, giving explanations on why to choose the program and getting a friend to edit your nursing essay.

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