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Business Law Assignment Help

It is important for students to know about the different kinds of rules and regulations associated with different kinds of industries. Business management students have to do business law assignment writing whenever they have to work on different kinds of essays and assignments.

To write a business law assignment, pupils need to have in-depth knowledge about the topic. In case you work on your assignment, it may happen that students may end up making several mistakes which will eventually affect the quality of your task.

Reach out to, place your order for business law assignment help, and get it delivered within the right time. All the experts associated with us follow a certain process, which is why we are always able to provide high-quality solutions.

What is business law?

Before you complete your pending business law assignments, make sure you understand what business law is all about.

In definitive terms, business law is a set of laws without which corporate functioning would be very difficult and complicated. Without these rules and laws, the corporate sector, manufacturing, and retail sectors will fall into dictatorship. The set of business laws ensures that there is a safe and secure initiation and execution of business. It also enables an efficient and comfortable working environment for anybody working with the business.

Business law, also known as commercial law/corporate law, indeed governs the rights and working patterns of business bodies and as well the of the individuals engaged with the business, irrespective of whether they are employees, consumers or other stakeholders.

If you want to know more about business laws and their significance, feel free to contact our tutors at

Why is Business Law Assignments Important for Students?

In simple words, a business law assignment helps the students learn the subject better. To be specific, the various business law assignments help the students with the following –

  • Know in detail about the legal contracts and agreements
  • Learn about business regulations
  • Learn everything about the laws involved with buying and managing your own business.
  • Understand the laws related to employment, keeping a check on the quality of the work provided by the employees and their working conditions.
  • Know about the different career opportunities with a specialisation in business law.

Whenever you are stuck with an assignment, you can come and seek the help of our experts. They will provide you with a required solution and help you comprehend the subject better.

Business Law Assignment Sample Solution for Students

Sample Business Law Cases: Case No 1

The Case

A lady named Jenny received a circular from Beauty and the Beast Hair Salon. It had advertised massages and manicures for 10 dollars. Jenny was pleasantly shocked when she saw the deal. She realized that it was a lucrative deal. However, she was not surprised since they had just opened had Business Meeting and wanted to attract new customers. When Jenny arrived at the salon, she was told that there was a mistake in the circular and the amount would be 100 dollars and not 10 dollars. The manager of the salon explained that this was still a reasonable price because usually, a massage and manicure would have cost $150.

Jenny was livid as it had taken her 30 minutes to drive down, the cost of which, when added to the manicure cost, would still be more than 100 dollars. As a lawyer, give legal advice to Jenny. Would your direction be any different if she was told you about the price after she had taken the massage and manicure?

The Solution

When a seller places some information about his products in the form of a catalogue or a circular and invites others to buy the products, then it is considered as an ‘invitation to treat’ (a contract law term which means a person is willing to negotiate) In such cases, the buyer makes an offer to buy and upon the acceptance of such offer by the seller, an enforceable agreement can arise.

We can refer to an old legal precedent in this case: In the matter of Harris v Nickerson (1873) L.R. 8 Q.B. 286, there was an advertisement of sale by the defendant through auction. The plaintiff saw the ad and reached the place of the auction. He came to know after reaching the auction site that the auction had been cancelled and thus brought an action against the defendant. It was held by the court of law that the advertisement notice was just an 'invitation to treat'. Hence, the plaintiff cannot claim his travel expenses from the defendant.

The circular of Beauty and Beast Hair Salon is an 'invitation to treat' on which Jenney acted and made a booking. She came to know the actual price upon reaching the salon and thus had an option to either reject or avail of their services. She would have paid $ 100 if she got the massage and manicure done by the salon without knowing the price. In that case, the transaction would have been a legally binding contract.

However, since she already knew the actual price and had a choice, the mere placing of the ad could not have been considered as a legally binding contract. In the second scenario, she could have just paid 10 dollars as quoted in the newspaper. But since she already had a choice and decided to exercise it rationally, we cannot argue that there has been any legal violation.

Sample Business Cases: Case Number 2

The Case

Once, a charity auction was taking place. Bruce, who was extremely drunk, went to the auction and, under the influence of alcohol, made a successful bid. It was apparent to the auctioneer that Bruce did not know what he was doing. Meanwhile, Bruce sobered up and accepted, having made a bid. However, later on, he refused to fulfil the obligations of his contract. Give legal advice to Bruce.

The Solution

We have with us a legal contract which was entered into by two people: one who was in his senses and was legally bound to fulfil his contract and another person who was not entirely in his senses and was not legally bound to his contract. Here the auctioneer was in his full senses to understand the terms of the agreement and legal issues while the buyer was drunk and, as such, was not in a position to fulfil the legal obligations.

The general rule about the legal contract is that any person can enter into a contract, but he has to have the mental capacity and intellectual maturity to understand the terms and conditions of it. The principle of contractual law stipulates mental lucidity to be an abiding feature of both the contractor and the contractee. Generally, courts do not approve of a contract entered into by a person who is voluntarily drunk because he is not in a position to understand what the contract entails.  

In this case, Bruce was so drunk that he did not know that he was actually bidding at the auction. The auctioneer, however, knew this. Under the contractual laws, Bruce was technically not bound to the legal obligations. However, there is a catch in the story. In this case, Bruce was owed up to his legal obligations once he sobered up. He would have escaped the liability of the auction contract by simply disavowing it as soon as he sobered up, but he did not do this. As a matter of fact, he reiterated the terms of his contract once he had sobered up. As a result, this contract would be legally binding.

Therefore, the contract will be a valid contract, and Bruce will be bound by the agreement with the auctioneer. Further, he will have to fulfill all his obligations under the contract.

Topics on Which Our Experts Provide Business Law Assignment Writing Services

Breach of Contract and Remedies Consumer Protection Corporation Law
International Trade Sales of Personal Property Employment Law
Intellectual Property Rights Product Liability Equal Employment Opportunity Law

Why Should Students Take Help With Business Law Assignments?

Working on a business law assignment and securing a high grade is not a cakewalk. The format of the task is needed to be correct, and you need to be cautious about the other points, too, such as correct spelling and proofreading.

In case you need business law assignment help, you should not just place an order with any random assignment writing company and ask for assistance.

Don't expect that placing an order with any random company will help you to secure high grades. Several reasons are there, too, why students search for business law assignment samples or business law assignment help just to get the work done. is here for you if you need any help with business law assignments. You can always reach out to us and ask for a business law assignment sample or simply place an order with us. Several reasons are there due to which you need to choose us; they are :

  1. Securing high grades - All the business law experts associated with us know different ways and techniques. By following them, they are always able to deliver high-quality tasks. You will easily be able to secure high grades by submitting these tasks.
  1. Error-free solution - After completing work on the tasks, our experts check the copy thoroughly for errors. They check each line and use different online tools to make the editing manageable.

    If you ask for a business law assignment, the help we will deliver you error-free solutions.  

  2. Plagiarism free - Exceeding the plagiarism percentage is one of the common issues students face. Just reach out to and ask, 'do my business law assignment', and we will do the work for you. Before submitting the solution, we will check it for plagiarism and submit the report along with the solution.

  3. Free samples - is the number one business law assignment helper. But are you placing an order with us for the first time?

Want to check a few samples first? Well, email us or reach out to us through call or chat, and we will deliver a few samples to you.

How Can Our Experts Help You with Your Business Law Assignment Writing?

Business law assignment writing is not as easy as it may seem. Often students end up making several mistakes in their tasks. You may be good at business management and have knowledge about the fundamentals. But it doesn't mean that you will also be able to produce high-quality tasks and solutions.

You have to ask for external assistance while working on business law assignment answers or while working on a business law essay/assignment.

The experts of are able to deliver high-quality tasks because they hold Ph.D. degrees. With their in-depth knowledge and strong skills, they are able to always deliver error-free business law assignment help.

Our experts can help you in the following ways :

  • High quality - always delivers high-quality content. No matter how difficult the topic is or how short the deadline is. We will always deliver your business law solution within the due date.

  • Access to exclusive data - Experts who offer business law assignments help have access to exclusive data. They retrieve data and information only from selective sources.

  • Customised - Experts of always start their tasks from scratch. We deliver 100% unique business law assignment help answers along with solutions.

What Benefits Do You Get From Our "Do my Business Law Assignment" Service?

Students reach out to experts and ask for business law assignment writing due to several reasons.

Online assignment writing services offer several benefits. Students face several issues, including insufficient knowledge of a particular subject/topic, or sometimes they have to work under tight deadlines.

If you need business law assignment help and place an order with, we will provide you with the best quality solution. Globally millions of students choose us because other than just offering high-quality tasks, we offer several other benefits too.

They are :

  1. On-time delivery - io always does deliver the task within the due date. We offer high-quality business law assignment help on time.

        We are the number one choice for students when students have to work on urgent business law assignments.

  1. Ph.D. experts - All the experts associated with us hold a Ph.D. degree. This means that they have in-depth knowledge about at least one subject.
  1. Affordable rates - More than business focuses on serving students in a better way. The price we ask for is minimal compared to other online assignment writing services available online.

When it comes to hiring business law assignment helpers, we are the number one choice for students all over the world.

What Makes Us The Best Business Law Assignment Helper?

Several points are there which need to be determined before placing an assignment order. Do not think that asking for business law assignment help from a random company online will help you in any way. They may deliver you a low-quality task, and for that, you will have to face the consequences later on. will provide you with the best help with business law assignments. Globally millions of students choose our services because :

  1. 24*7 assistance - You can reach out to our experts anytime and solve your doubts. You can reach them through calls, texts and emails.
  1. Free revision - If our experts have missed any points, then we will provide you with free revisions. Also, if you want any changes in your content, then reach out to us, and we will make changes accordingly.
  1. Versatile subjects - Name the subject, and we will provide you with the solution. is the home of thousands of experts belonging from different fields.              

How To Take Business Law Assignment Answers Help From

Several online assignment help services ask the users to first register or open an account, and then only they will be able to place orders. Well, in the majority of cases, the customer thinks that it is a waste of time to fill in a form and open an account when they can simply place the order just by providing the necessary information.  

Users have to spend at least 15-20 minutes if they need help with business law assignments.

Reach out to and place the order. Just follow the below steps :

  1. Open the website and provide all the necessary information, such as the due date, subject, topic, word count, email id, and name.

  2. Click on place order. You will be redirected to a webpage where you will get options to pay the money by using a debit card and online banking.

You will get an email and sms that has received your order. We will provide you with the best assistance and submit the answers within the due date.

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

Q1. Can a business law assignment help improve my overall understanding of business law concepts?

Ans. Yes, our online business law assignment helper will help you to improve your overall understanding. Reach out to us and ask for assistance whenever required.

Q2. How Fast Can You Do My Business Law Assignment, If I urgently need it?

Ans. This depends on how urgent you need the order to be delivered and what is the word count of your assignment. If you need business law assignment help, you always need to choose and get your solution delivered within the due date.

Q3. How do you Get Business Law Assignment Samples?

Ans. If you want a business law assignment sample, reach out to The samples will help you to understand the quality of tasks you can expect from us.

Q4. How do I know if the business law assignment helper is qualified to help me with my business law assignment or not?

Ans. Check out all the tutor profiles available on our websites. You will be able to know that they all passed out from prestigious colleges/universities, and everyone holds a Ph.D. degree.

Q5. How can I get help writing my business law assignment?

Ans. Why worry so much when you can just place an order with and get your work done? We are your number one choice when you need help with business law assignments.  

Q6. How to pay for taking a business law assignment help?

Ans. You can make the payment by using debit cards or through internet banking.

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