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Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety

The above said course or study module actually delivers in respect of the learners the particular entry level qualifications and education that are actually mandated while working with food and the food industry. Regardless of the employment in any pub or cafe, any market stalls, any school events, and others, the above said course or study module shall be very helpful. This particular study module or course will teach the students the manner in which food safety can be managed or regulated in the kitchen as well as at the workplace. This can also be regarded to be a recognized training certificate.

In the light of the above said course or module, one shall be able to select to actually specialize in the specific ensuing areas: • the ageing • the home as well as the community care • the disability. With the help of the e-learning, the simulation as well as an applied work placements, one shall be able to learn to: • provide the physical as well as the social individualized support and aid • maintain the personal care as well as the other activities of the daily living • provide the palliative as well as the dementia care • work with the diverse people as well as the cultures • implement the safe work practices as well as the infection control • advocate for the clients as well as the legal aspects of performing the work in any health related field. The above said qualification of the particular course or module also delivers a pathway for the progression in respect of a Certificate IV in the Ageing support, a specific Diploma of the Nursing or the other health related qualifications. It should be noted that in order to achieve the particular competency, one shall be required to undertake as well as complete a series of assessment tasks for every unit that one has certainly enrolled in. One should certainly achieve a satisfactory result for every particular assessment task in order to accomplish or achieve the competency for any unit. Assessment of the practical competency shall take place in 1 of the particular training centers where the above said course or study module is being taught as well as in simulation. 2.UNIT DETAILS Location The particular location in relation to the above said course or study module can be said to be the Alexandra Community Hub, which is located in the nation of Australia. This particular course is actually held by the TLC Learning in the nation of Australia. Study level The particular study level in relation to the above said course or study module can be said to be both graduate as well as post graduate. Unit code The particular study level in relation to the above said course or study module can be said to be SITXFSA001.

The Course Structure The particular course or study module can be said to have been delivered over the course of 36 weeks in a unified or mixed format, that is, the online as well as the necessary weekly simulation sessions as well as the 160 hours of the practical placement in any specific TLC Aged Care facility. The Online In order to provide any particular student with the flexibility as well as freedom that he or she actually requires for fitting the necessary studies in his or her life, the above said course or study module is actually delivered with the help of the digital platform. Over the course of the 36 weeks, the particular students are projected to dedicate approximately 10 to 15 hours every week of the self-directed learning. The Practical Sessions The particular practical sessions can be said to be once every week from the time of 9:00 am to the time of 4.30 pm in one of the specific training centers that is actually located at the TLC Aged Care homes. The particular practical training sessions will deliver the particular students the opportunity as well as scope to practice the utilization of the equipment as well as the resources that are actually utilized in the provision of the support in respect of the residents in the specific aged care, the home and the community, as well as the disability. The particular practical sessions also integrate the high-fidelity simulation manikins that actually replicate the actual people and scenarios. This actually delivers the particular students the realistic hands-on or practical experience prior to the transition towards the practical placement at 1 of the specific TLC Aged Care facilities. The Units In order to be actually awarded with the above said SITXFSA001 Certificate in the specific Individual Support, one shall be required to successfully complete an over-all of thirteen units relating to competency, which shall consist of: • Seven (7) central units, such as (i) Provide the Individual Support, (ii) Support the Independence as well as the well-being, (iii) Communicate as well as work in the health or the community services, (iv) Work with the Diverse People, (v) Work legally as well as ethically, (vi) Recognize the healthy body systems, (vii) Follow the safe work practices for the direct client care • Six (6) chosen units (and it should be noted that TLC learning actually offers 3 diverse pathways with the help of the elective specialization selection, which includes the ageing, or the disability, or the home and the community stream. There are certain Electives concerning the Ageing Specialization, and which includes (i) Enable the empowerment of the older individuals, (ii) Provide the support to the people living with the dementia, (iii) Enable the interests as well as rights of the clients, (iv) Meet the personal support needs, (v) The Hygienic practices for the food safety, (vi) Provide the First Aid.

It must be noted that the actual weightage in relation to the course or study module that has been mentioned above is 100 per cent. Primary importance is given upon the topic relating to the care and accommodation for the old people.

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