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NRSG353 :Acute Care Nursing 2


NRSG353 Acute Care Nursing 2 ...

Questions: This task is to be completed in your own time using available reliable sources such as the course text books provided to you at orientation, credible internet sources such as the departm ...

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Acute Care Nursing 2 Task Answers

The nursing theory unit provides students with an opportunity to develop knowledge as well as skills in nursing care of individuals experiencing with acute alternations in medical health. The specific focus will be on the effect that evidence-based knowledge has on the plan and implement and evaluate specific care. The critical thinking, problem solving and clinic reasoning is developed from an inquiry-based learning through utilizing national health priority case studies. On successful completion of the module, students will be able to: - ?Determine the description of the company as well as industry for the company. ?Analyse the market structure for the company. ?Provide discussion about the demand and supply conditions for the company. ?Determine an analysis of the recent event that can have substantial effect on the industry/ sector.

The Unit NRSG353: Acute Care Nursing 2 is developed through understanding of the inquiry-based learning developed from national health priority case studies. Specific focus is given on the knowledge to plan, implement as well as evaluate on the nursing care. In such a situation the unit details on individual and application-based evidence to plan and implement nursing care. As a result, explaining the effect of alterations in health careers is affected by focused learning approaches. This specific focus lies in how they are being developed through an inquiry-based learning by using national health priority case studies. The Unit is applicable for understanding of reasoning and inquiry based learning in national health. Location: United Kingdom Study Level: The study level for the course is applicable for focused learning as this will provide to knowledge regarding inquiry-based learning that can be developed using national health priority case studies. In this aspect the using and evaluating nursing care. This nursing unit provides focus on the effect that these skills have through inquiry-based learning. Specific focus is initiated on developing problem solving skills based on inquiry-based learning through priority case studies. Unit code: NRSG353: Acute Care Nursing 2

Causes, incidence and risk factors of identified condition. The causes of the identified condition are through internal dysfunctions and how it can produce differences of diseases by inclusion of different forms of immunodeficiency and autoimmune disorders. It involves understanding of the mechanism for development of its structural changes and how they are associated with the functional consequences of these changes. In order words, practitioners need to make to break down the information needed to reassemble the patterns in a well-defined syndrome. Health and wellbeing are affected from a variant of factors that makes inclusion for poor health, disability or death as known factors. Five common signs and symptoms of identified condition. The common signs and symptoms of the identified condition includes: Common cold Chickenpox Type2 diabetes Coronary heart disease Depression The signs and symptoms of these abnormalities lies in a potential medical condition that identifies where a patient is being subjected to. The generalized symptoms lead to numbness and tingling across the leg. This phenomenon is experienced by individuals effected by the disease. As such this symptom is connected with how this phenomenon is applicable for understanding by individuals affected by the disease. Upon communicating own language, it is interpreted that informative and regulatory signs might have a deep meaning. Upon identifying a medical condition, it is understandable that the objective lies in measurement of disease as observed by others. In order to undergo the strengths, it is likely that undergoing regular checks helps to identify problems that might not be obvious in nature. In functioning the appearance of these aspects, the visual changes of human beings lie in understanding of these symptoms. As a result, this common indication provides indication for the particular disease. Two common classes of drugs used for patients with identified condition including psychological effect on the body. The common types of pain include allergies, pain as well as flu that can have unpleasant condition. This can have an adverse effect on this nausea that includes pain and allergies. The body processes absorption of drugs utilized from absorption in the stomach. They ensure treating pain in a better manner in order to ensure prevention of common health problems. As a result, it can cause adverse effects on common health problems. Some of the common classes of drugs makes inclusion for depressants and stimulants. Identification and explanation of nursing care strategies should use in 24 hours and post admission for the patient. The nursing process is a common systematic solving approach in order to identify and treat the actual health problems for promoting their wellness. It has the basic steps which includes assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation as well as evaluation. The main goals identified in nursing care improvement makes inclusion for guiding the plan to safety, effectiveness, timeliness that are patient centred, equitable as well as efficient. After communicating the information, understanding and hearing the information indicates how they can lead in errors from medical administration. Upon actively listening and covering on mental and behavioural patient system that facilitates trust and support.

The present assessment deals with the dynamics of undertaking this assessment that exhibits this syndrome. The nursing theory unit provides an opportunity for the students to acquire knowledge and skills in nursing care experiencing acute alterations in medical health. As such this focus is on application of evidence-based plan and how they are developed through inquiry-based learning through case studies. The problem thinking and critical solving abilities anticipates a duration for 150 hours for study in the unit by inclusion of class attendance as well as readings and preparation.

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NRSG353 Acute Care Nursing 2

Questions: This task is to be completed in your own time using available reliable sources such as the course text books provided to you at orientation, credible internet sources such as the department of health and other text and online journals available to you through the online library service offered to all students and discussed at orientation. It is important that you reference all sourc ...

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