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NRSG258 :Acute Care Nursing 1


Clinical Reasoning Cycle ...

Running head: CASE STUDY CASE STUDY Name of student: Name of university: Author ’snote: 1 CASE STUDY Question 1: Mrs Geraldine Berry is a72-year-old woman who has been admitted as she had afr ...

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Acute Care Nursing

The Registered Nurse is an important part of the health-care team for persons who are through changes in their health. Health changes happen in a variety of situations, and the nurse must be prepared to care for persons who are going through them. Students must complete this course in order to continue their theoretical knowledge growth, especially in connection to nursing practise in the surgical setting. Evidence-based clinical studies would be used to explain the concepts of surgical nursing that underlie effective practise. The surgical nurse's function will be addressed throughout the patient pathway in a range of health environments and in the framework of care coordination. This unit's material will help nursing students in their future clinical practise in a range of settings. The goal of this course is to help students gain knowledge and abilities for providing person-cantered, evidence-based nursing services to people who are suffering episodic health changes or diseases that require medical attention. Classes, tutorials, online activities, and self-directed learning are all options for this unit's presentation. The learning and teaching methodologies employed in these modalities of delivery will offer students with basic information and training essential to professional nursing, in accordance with principles of learning. These tactics will also help students satisfy the unit's goal, learning outcomes, and also the graduate attributes, as well as the course's overall learning results. Appreciation for the person as an autonomous learner shall be reflected in learning and teaching practises. Student is required to take ownership of their education and engage proactively with their classmates. University students must be self-sufficient thinkers who lead their own learning and have access to the educational material they need. Feedback is important to aid students in their learning by identifying what is being done successfully, what needs more effort, and progression toward desired learning goals. This theoretical unit, which is taught in the second year of the course, involves modest face-to-face teaching time and a growing online element of learning to help students develop life-long learning abilities. Lectures are used to impart information and key ideas, whereas tutorials are used to conduct participatory and student-driven training workshops, which necessitate a growing dependence on learners to expand their learning community and promote self-reliance. Students can engage in self-directed, self-motivated life-long education using online sources. To verify that students accomplish the unit learning goals and graduation qualities, a variety of assessment items compatible with University evaluation regulations and practice will be employed. Students will receive a formative online survey for this unit in the 4th week of the semester to offer feedback on progress and steer their unit study. The formative exam follows a pattern as the very first online tests. Quizzes during the first year were summative; tests in the second year are formative and do not count toward the overall unit mark; they are intended to help students transition to independent research and existence learning. Students go from three poorly-weighted evaluations to two strongly weighted evaluations in this unit: a research assignment and an exam. The assignment will enable the students to gradually construct their work while also allowing for quick feedback. A test case will be used in the written examination to engage students in the integration of theoretical to practise. The test is a focused evaluation that requires consistent, progressive study throughout the semester. To respond topic questions, the test demands a solid knowledge foundation, as well as a comprehension of the subject to answer process-related queries. These tests are necessary to develop student skills and knowledge so that, by the end of the course, the learner will be able to graduate as a successful and safe nurse.

Location: Australia. Level: 9. Course Code: NRSG258 University: Australian Catholic University.

Students ought to be able to do the following after completing this unit of the course, they will be able to take these learning outcomes (LO) as a descriptive application in their profession: LO1 - Exhibit pathophysiology understanding to solve typical surgical nurses’ difficulties LO2 - Describe the biopsychosocial, religious, and cultural elements on a patient's patient journey. LO3 - Adapt the Roper-Logan-Tierney Standardized Nursing treatment model across the lifetime to surgical nursing concepts across the continuum of care. LO4 - Apply the Levett-Jones Care Planning Cycle to design safe, evidence-based, culturally appropriate, person-cantered nursing care for common medical changes in surgical care across a variety of settings. LO5 - In the surgical setting, apply high-quality medications, non-pharmacological therapeutic approaches, and alternative therapy. LO6 - Integrate ethical and legal ideas to surgical practise. *Graduate Attributes: GA1 - Show respect for each individual’s personal dignity and for human uniqueness. GA3 - Informed choice based on ethical principles GA4 - attentively and reflectively thinking GA5 - exhibit discipline and/or profession-appropriate beliefs, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes GA7 - work independently as well as collectively GA8 identifies, organises, analyses, synthesises, and evaluates data. GA9 - exhibit good oral and written English interaction as well as multimedia presentations


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Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Running head: CASE STUDY CASE STUDY Name of student: Name of university: Author ’snote: 1 CASE STUDY Question 1: Mrs Geraldine Berry is a72-year-old woman who has been admitted as she had afracture on her hip on the left neck of femur along with afew lacerations on the head. For athorough assessment of this patient the clinical reasoning cycle will be used, according to which the patie ...

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